12 hours ago

    20 Nostalgic 90’s Indian TV Shows

    The 90’s was the time when TV took a leap of faith and changed the…
    12 hours ago

    13 Reasons Why We Love Prince Harry So Much

    The Royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle has gained much appreciation and popularity…
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    1 day ago

    Indian Actress Mallika Sherawat Locks Herself In A Cage At Cannes

    If you’re unfamiliar with what Cannes festival is, it is a film festival that takes…
    2 days ago

    Ultimate Guide To Know The Types Of Perfume

    Have you ever wondered why the fragrance of some perfumes lasts longer than others? And…
    2 days ago

    10 Professions With The Most Psychopaths

    Mental cases are hard to spot more often than not. They’re not the “Jack the…
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    2 days ago

    This Is Why Karnataka CM’s Wife Rules Google Trends!

    Something interesting happened in between the Karnataka Elections in 19th May 2018. The election has…
    2 days ago

    Who’s The Better Rapper? Biggie Vs 2Pac?

    I know I’m stepping on thin ice stirring up an age-old debate. Who was the…
    2 days ago

    Bollywood Stars who use Body Doubles in movies

    In India, Bollywood is massively followed and the actors there are treated no less than…
    3 days ago

    Aajibaichi Shala: A School For Senior Citizens

    They say age is just a number. This goes for anything, even learning and being…
    4 days ago

    Here Are All The Best Dressed Guests From The Royal Wedding

    History was made when Meghan Markle, an American actor, walked down the aisle to say…

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