10 Bizarre Foods Consumed around the world!

Given a chance, most people would not hesitate to visit the various countries of the world and try the infinite number of delicacies that are available to treat their taste buds. It is a known and accepted the culture and geography of a nation, or even just a particular region, affects the tastes and food recipes prepared by different people.


This is why the food available in a country in Asian regions is so different than that in western regions. While we have all found a way to enjoy the most delicious dishes from almost all nations around the world, there is also a long list of dishes that people not belonging to the place might find weird, even disgusting.

Here is a list of 10 bizarre foods consumed around the world. Have a look and decide for yourself whether you would dare to taste these food items or not.

1.Hakarl from Iceland

Fancy eating a decaying body of a shark that had been buried underground for a few weeks? Hakarl from Iceland is a dish that is served by cutting up the raw carcass of a Greenland or basking shark. The shark is first buried underground pressed by stones to remove poisonous internal fluids that allows it to live in cold waters. It is then hung out on the Sun to dry and served by cutting into strips. Do you hear someone gag? That’s me!

2.Surstromming from Sweden

One of the dishes on the list that we guess is difficult to even put into our mouths. This dish is made by fermenting, basically rotting, baltic sea herring from just a little amount of salt so that it is preserved enough to be consumed. Upon opening the can, such a strong pungent rotten smell is dispersed that it needs to be eaten outside. Maybe it tastes fine enough, but most people give up even before putting it into their mouths because of its rotten smell.

3.Shiokara from Japan

Now this one really makes me doubt the choices that people make when it comes to food. Shiokara is a Japanese dish made from a selection of meat taken from variousĀ  sea creatures and served with a paste of their fermented viscera. If you don’t know, viscera is the internal organs in the main cavities of bodies, like intestines in the abdomen.

4.Tuna Eyeballs from Japan

One more on the list from Japan and this one is just all eyes, literally! The Japanese say that the eyes taste pretty much like squid or octopus and guarantee that there is no gunk that we’d normally assume eyes would be filled with! Thank god for that!

5.Khash from Middle East, East Europe and Turkey

A winter food turned delicacy, which is a stew made from cow feet and head. Amazingly, the skulls are boiled whole and served whole. Bet you wouldn’t mind the dead cow staring back at you from your plate when you eat it!

6.Fried Spider from Cambodia

A whole spider marinated in MSG,salt and sugar and fried in garlic is exactly the delicacy we’ve been looking for all our lives. The dish popular in the Skuon town of Cambodia is said to have more meat on it than a grasshopper. Part of the reason being that its served whole with a brown sludge in its abdomen, which consists of the spiders innards, eggs and excrement. Finally, a truly whole food!

7.Escamol from Mexico

This delicacy is made from edible larvae and pupae of ants, and is also known as insect caviar. It is said to have a consistency similar to cottage cheese and have a nutty taste. So much for having insects!

8.Mopane Worms

A dish which is big, fat, juicy, meaty and wormy! These worms are said to full of meat and traditionally were dried or smoked to preserve for later consumption. They are re-hydrated by cooking in tomato and chili sauce. A source of an American couple described the taste as similar to honey barbecued chicken. It would have sounded yum, if only we didn’t know it actually looked like a worm!

9.Balut from Phillipines

One of the most disgusting looking foods, this is a dish where a developing duck embryo is boiled alive in its shell. The dish is usually served with drinks and hasĀ  a duck head, sometimes feathers in it. It is a harsh and disgusting food that people enjoy!

10.Casu Marzu from Italy

A perfect way to destroy the heavenly image that cheese has in most of our minds. This is a Sardinian cheese made from sheep’s milk infamous for having live insect larvae in it. Also known as maggot cheese, it has live maggots that jump when they panic. Some enjoy these live but some kill them by freezing them before consumption. One thing to keep in mind is that they might be tasty but they might also burrow themselves in your intestines when consumed live. Bravo!




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