10 Most Creative Instagram Accounts you Should Follow

Instagram has become a platform for people to promote their business and products and reach out to as many people as possible.

Instagram isn’t just another app where you post pictures and let people know what you’re up to anymore.

It’s a platform for people to promote their business and products and reach out to as many people as possible.

It’s the modern way to earn money for the influencers, a new platform for models to shine, and a brand new way for products to sell.

And the best way to do it is by making your Instagram as attractive, beautiful, and creative as possible.

Here are 10 most creative Instagram accounts you should follow now.


This account belongs to Andrew Knapp a designer, photographer, and a traveler from Canada.

Instagram page of Andrew Knapp

Here, Andrew shares his pictures from all the travel he does, featuring a very special model, his lovely travel companion, his dog Momo.


This account belongs to a London-based designer and artist Luke Edward Hall. His works range from interiors to fabrics and ceramics.

Instagram page of Luke Edward Hall

His account features his colorful arts and designs and his collaborations with different companies around the world including Burberry and Parker Palm Springs hotel, California.


Idafrosk is a food account where a woman named Ida Skivenes who shares different food and food arts created by Ida herself.

Instagram page of Ida Skivenes

The Norwegian food artist currently living in Berlin, Germany and investing all her time becoming a food artist.


Leoleoparis is the account that belongs to Hannibal Renberg who is a photographer living in Paris.

Instagram page of Hannibal Renberg

In this account, he shares photographs he takes of random people, places, objects, and buildings with his iPhone.


This account belongs to photographer Murad Yusupovich Osmanov professionally known as Murad Osmann of Russia.

Instagram page of Murad Osmann

Murad is basically responsible for creating a concept that has been followed by many people. He started the #followmeto series made with his wife Natalia Zakharova where they travel around the world and Murad takes Natalia’s picture leading him to places.


Artsypatee belongs to Patrick Yves Borromeo an engineering student as well as an artist.

Instagram page of Patrick Yves Borromeo

His feed is filled with beautiful pastel colored pictures of himself and other things that make his account very attractive as well as very pleasing to the eyes.


This account belongs to an artist named Judith who has a simple yet classy Instagram account.

Instagram page of Judith

Her Instagram feed is a collage plus puzzle themed feed with a beautiful aesthetic letting her stand out.


This account belongs to American rapper Anderson Paak but is managed by artist Simone Cihlar.

Instagram page of Anderson Paak

Paak uses the account to share and promote his music all the while Cihlar making the page look so aesthetically pleasing and creatively put together.


This account belongs to artist and designer Marieanne Morency from Canada.

Instagram page of Marieanne Morency

Her account is filled with beautiful tropical flowers she draws herself or takes pictures of. The flowers are colorful and pastel that makes the feed really beautiful to look at.


Anamarques210376 belongs to photographer and artist Ana Marques.

Instagram page of Ana Marques

Her feed is filled with minimalistic photos of the most random things like the sea, houses, plants, and birds with a pastel background making the feed look and feel pretty.

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