10 Gifts For Geek Girls That Won’t Break The Bank

A special day of a special geek girl is coming up, and you’re confused about what to give her without spending too much money. Here are 10 gifts for geek girls that will impress them and also you about how budget friendly the products are.

  1. 1 Harry Potter Music Box

    This Harry Potter music box is the cutest gift you can give to the potterhead you know as well as a music lover. 

    US $14.73 (Indian ₹ 999)

  2. 2 Spirited Away Wall Art,


    This inexpensive and adorable No Face poster would make a Ghibli fan's heart sing with joy.

    US $1.20 (Indian ₹ 81.81)

  3. 3 Cards Against Humanity: Friends Edition

    Make a Friends  fan laugh more with this hilarious and cheap gift

    US $4.69 (Indian ₹ 319.71 )

  4. 4 Reservoir Dogs Film Poster

    Any Tarantino fan and a movie buff would love to receive this minimal and aesthetically pleasing gift. Its reasonable price makes this poster worth it.

    US $5.00 (Indian ₹340.03 )

  5. 5 "What Would Beyonce Do?" Notebook

    Beyonce would tell you to buy this budget friendly and cute gift for a pop culture obsessed woman in your life. This gift also works for stationary lovers. 

    US $6.81 (Indian ₹ 464.07)

  6. 6 Game Boy Phone Cover

     This pokemon game boy styled phone cover does two things at once; make the geek woman in your life incredibly happy, and take her down memory lane. And you know what it does not do? Break your bank!

    US $9.52 (Indian ₹ 648.74)

  7. 7 Picasso Face Earring

    If you have an art geek in your life, this gift is the ideal one. This Picasso inspired earrings will not only save your money, it will also make gift receiver really happy. 

    US $3.50 (Indian ₹237.95)

  8. 8 Marvel And DC Mini Figurines

    This low-cost option allows you choose any superhero figurine based on the taste of your superhero geek. 

    US $3.00 (Indian ₹ 204.46)

  9. 9 "Stronger Than You Believe" Wonder Woman Pin

    This perfect gift to show love to a strong woman in your life is also quite budget friendly.  

    US $5.11 (Indian ₹ 348.27)

  10. 10 Atom Earrings

    Another hilariously adorable AND budget-friendly gift for someone who loves science.  

    US $5.38 (Indian ₹ 366.71)

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