10 Greatest Lies in Indian History

Here is the list of 10 Greatest Lie in Indian History that everyone thought to be true

Many a times, we often believe what is said by everybody around without giving it a second thought.

Inadvertently, when we stumble upon the real fact, the truth hits us like a bull dozer.

Similarly, in the Indian history as well, there are a mass of lies or misconception that have been considered to be true.

But in reality, it is not.

Here are 10 greatest lies in Indian History that everyone thought to be true.

  1. 1 Hockey is India’s National Sport


    It was always believed that hockey is the nation’s national sport. But, funny is the fact that, there is no national sport of India.  

    This has been believed all over the years just because of the school textbooks that everyone studied. 

  2. 2 Hindi is India’s National Language


    This is still believed by a huge population. Hence, a lot of emphasis is put on the language to be spoken by all. 

    But truth to be told, it is merely an official language. The confusion might have emerged as Hindi is acknowledged as the Raj Bhasha but not the Rashtra Bhasha (Official Language).  

  3. 3 Indian Railways has The World’s Largest Workforce


    For many years, Indians have believed that the Indian Railways encompasses the largest workforce, but this is nothing but a plain lie. 

    There are organizations like US Department of Defense, People’s Liberation Army of China and other notable organizational bodies that beat the Indian Railways in terms of the employee base. 

  4. 4 India became Secular in 1947


    The Indian government claims that India has been a secular nation since 1947. 

    But, the truth is, the original Indian Constitution never had the term “secular”. It was later inculcated in 1976 and not in 1947.

  5. 5 UNESCO Declares Indian National Anthem as the Best in the World


    This news emerged as a massive news in 2014, when a fake email apparently issued by UNESCO surfaced, claiming that “Jana Gana Mana” is the best national anthem in the world.   

    Well, this news was completely baseless. 

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