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10 Important Things We Learned From Friends

We fight with them, scream, sometimes even avoid them but the love that we share stays forever. It's irreplaceable. 

Friends are one of the most important people that we have in our lives.

We fight with them, scream, sometimes even avoid them but the love that we share stays forever. It’s irreplaceable.

There is a reason why we call our friends “family” as they very diligently act as our shield, protector and the ones who understand us the most at times in need.

Friends are not just our support system but our entertainers without whom there is no fun at all.

Most importantly though, there is a lot we can learn from them too.

Here are  10 life lesson things we learned from the famous TV show friends

1. You never forget what happened in High school

life lessons from friends

All the high school drama, and the people you part ways with without closure? It’s not a surprise if you still remember them as the douche they were in high school.

2. Having A Tradition

things we can learn from friends

Like their coffeehouse where they had all their rendezvous, friends taught us to have a tradition where you can hang out in the same place, with the same people, having the same conversations over and over again, and you know you’d rather be doing that than be hanging out anywhere else with anyone

3. It’s Okay To Be Clueless AF

things we can learn from friends

You don’t always have a plan and that’s okay. Give yourself time to figure things out

4. Always Communicate Properly

things we can learn from friends

The “We were on a break” argument between  Rachel and Ross’s pretty much explains it all. It’s a fight no one would wanna get into, and there’s one thing we’ve learned from it: communication is key- make it precise and timely

5. A Difference In Opinion Adds To Your Own insight

things we can learn from friends

That’s what friends are for, right? You bring your idea to the table and end when with all these other ideas and perspectives that leave you flabbergasted. and it’s for the best because how else will you learn?

6. Learn To Forgive

Things we learned from friends

Drama is unavoidable with friends, but one thing you can do to sustain your relationship? Learn to forgive.

From ditching your friend for a date to getting with your best friend’s girl, they’ve been through it and still managed to stick together.

7. Your friends will be very judgemental about the person you date

things we can learn from friends

Yep, cuffed a new boo? Wait until your friends hear about them.

8. Your Friends Accept You For Your Weird Quirky Behaviors

things we can learn from friends

With friends, you shouldn’t feel stifled. Someone share anything with and excepts you as you really are is indeed a true friend.

9. Confidence gets you a long way

Things we learned from friends

No matter how badly phoebe sucked, she was convinced she was the best. Even that one time when Rachel and Monica told her that she did, she laughed in their faces.

She always performed at the coffeehouse and even ended up landing a record deal. Who knew?

10.  Being Vulnerable

things we can learn from friends

It’s common to be afraid of vulnerability. We can’t help but think we’ll end up getting hurt by being vulnerable, but Friends has taught us otherwise.

If you look at the characters, none of them hesitated to tell the other anything at all, even the minuscule details.  This very type of bond made them stronger than ever.

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