10 Most Cruel Facts in Nature

Cruelty in nature at its best. Let’s get enlightened more about the animal cruelty in nature

Cruelty in nature comes in shapes and sizes. Most would like to categorize cruelty in two premises: animal cruelty and human cruelty.

Both these categorization are equally brutal.

But in this list, let’s get enlightened more about the former cruelty in nature.

Here is the list of 10 most cruel facts in nature.

  1. 1 Infant Sand Tiger Shark Devour Their Siblings in Utero


    By nature’s cruel standards, baby sand tiger sharks, in order to survive devour their own brother and sister while still in the womb of the mother

  2. 2 The Remorseless Mantis


    Often called the “Remorseless Killers”, female mantis are notorious for killing their male counterparts during intercourse. 

    These merciless mantis do not even bother to kill the prey before eating them, they simply consume it alive.

  3. 3 The Tarantula Hawk


    The Tarantula Hawks are simply a Spider Wasp that eats the tarantula. 

    They stuff the tarantula with its own eggs and then bury it alive before eating it. 

  4. 4 The Carnivorous Plant


    These beautiful looking plants are quite a pro when it comes to luring its prey. 

    The unfortunate insects that fall prey to these rather exquisite organisms are being digested alive for several hours of torment and sufferings. 

  5. 5 Chickens Become Cannibals


    When chickens see their flocks severely injured, they tend to peck them to death. 

    Harsh, isn’t it?

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