10 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time

Think you have a good knowledge of internet security? Is your data safe in your personal computer? If yes, think again.

There are skilled and secretive hackers who could get past pretty much anything you choose to put in their way.

Every aspect of our lives, important or not so important is saved on a computer which is connected with every other computer on the planet through a complex web of networks.

Not only are these hackers fiendishly clever, they are also inventive and constantly invent new ways of getting past security protocols.

You should be grateful than the most of the skilled hackers choose to concentrate on draining millions from banks rather than sending messages to your friends pretending to be you.

Here are 10 Most Dangerous Hackers of All Time:

10. Jonathan James

He was an American hacker who was the first juvenile (aged 16) incarcerated for cybercrime in the United States.

He installed a back door into the DTRA server that allowed him access to all forms of communication in and out of the computer system.

He was successful in stealing $170m worth of code from NASA. He controlled essential life sustaining equipment on-board space ships.

Maintaining his innocence but convinced he would go to prison, he committed suicide on May 18th 2008.

9. Jeremy Hammond

Hammond is an activist and computer hacker from Chicago. He founded the computer security training website named HackThisSite in 2003.

Currently serving a 10-year prison sentence, he is the hacker who stole 60000 credit card numbers and used them to make donations to charity.

One of his biggest achievements was hacking the e-mails of the Stratfor group and publishing 973 of them on the WikiLeaks website.

Among the revelations contained in the e-mails were details of Osama bin Laden’s death and plans to incite a revolution in Venezuela.

8. Mathew Bevan and Richard Pryce

These boys were of British origin and in 1996, the duo began to access computers illegally belonging to US Air Force, NASA and NATO.

The duo were responsible for huge damage to the systems as files were moved and deleted.

They also broke into a research facility in Korea and ditched the information regarding nuclear programs into USAF.

It could have resulted in the war between North Korea and US but data was also stolen from South Korea as they would have blamed US and would have carried attacks against US.

7. Kevin Poulsen

Poulsen is an American former black-hat hacker and a contributing editor at The Daily Beast.

He was the first Ameican who was made to serve an internet and computer ban after being released from prison.

He gained attention when he hacked into a L.A. radio network so that he could be the 102nd caller and win a new Porsche.

He has used his powers for the greater god by identifying MySpace users who were looking for child porn.

After being released from prison, he became a journalist and is currently the senior editor for Wired News.

6. The Aurora Hackers

They were a group of hackers rather than a single one, who were responsible for “Operation Aurora”.

This was an international and complex hack in 2009 that targeted 34 companies including Google and Yahoo.

A Shanghai-based group, PLA Unit-61398 were also believed to be involved, in this massive operation.

Google were the first to make the attack public, stating on their blog that their intellectual property had been stolen along with few gmail accounts.

The result of the whole episode was that Google withdraw from China entirely.

These hackers have never been caught and said to still be actively hacking.

5. Jeanson James Ancheta

Ancheta became the first person to be charged with controlling large numbers of hijacked computers or botnets.

He used “rxbot”, a common computer worm to hijack about half a million computers to be included in a network he could control.

He managed to confiscate about 500000 machines. Later he was arrested in year 2005 and was sentenced to a 5 year prison term.

He was made to forfeit his car, all his profit and was made to pay a fine for all damages he caused.

4. Cody Kretsinger

Also known as “Recursion” by his fellow hackers, he managed to get 77 million people’s personal data and cause an outage on the network for 24 days.

He is affiliated with the hacker group LulzSec, which has often been accused of being childish and operating with no real motivation.

They don’t often hack for financial gain as none of the 77 million had their identity stolen.

He was convicted in 2013 for his part in a 2011 hack on Sony Playstation. He was later granted with another sentence with only a year in prison for his crimes.

3. Kevin Mitnick

Mitnick is an American computer security consultant, author and hacker. He is best known for his high-profile 1995 arrest.

He was arrested after breaking into the Department of Justice computers and was said to be able to launch nuclear missiles by whistling down a payphone.

His hacking obsession led him on a 2.5 year hacking spree where he stole million’s worth of company secrets.

The companies were IBM, Motorola, telephone companies and he even hacked into the national defense system.

2. Adrian Lamo

Lamo was an American threat analyst and hacker. He was also known as “homeless hacker”.

He did his hacking while couch-surfing and living in hostels. He also carried out hacking from Internet Cafes, Libraries or coffee shops and was a mobile hacker.

He did it for his entertainment as he used to hack into a computer system and then notify the admin about the vulnerability in his/her system.

He successfully hacked New York website and he was convicted in year 2004 and sentenced to six months detention at his parent’s house, plus a fine.

Later he also exposed one of his contributors- a soldier named Bradley Manning, who was leaking confidential military information.

1. Gray Mckinnon

Mckinnon is a Scottish systems administrator and hacker. In year 2001, he started accessing computer systems which belonged to the US military.

He managed to hack into the Pentagon computers and used to leave the message “Your security is crap”.

He infiltrated 97 US armed forces and NASA computers. During his one attack he deleted critical files, crashed a network of 2000 computers, copied files and stole passwords.

The damage he caused to the government was estimated to be around $700000. He was a skilled hacker who was stopped before he managed to cause a military disaster.

He was arrested in year 2002 and is currently imprisoned in Britain.

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