10 Things Meghan Markle Won’t Be Able To Do Once She Becomes A Princess

Meghan Markle is living a real life fairy tale and once she marries Prince Harry, she’ll become a duchess or a princess, a real-life princess, can you imagine what’s that like? She is all set to become a royal and have cute little royal babies with Prince Harry. But as they say, with great power comes great responsibilities, so after the wedding, Markle too has many responsibilities she needs to look after.

Being a princess is not an easy job like it’s shown in the movies. It is a full-time job and there are a few things Meghan won’t be able to do once she takes the title. Below is the list of things the future princess won’t be able to do.

1. Have a Personal Social Media Account:


Being an actress, it was very important for Meghan Markle to stay active and updated in social media. She had the freedom to share her personal life through her different social media accounts and be close and interact with her fans. But once she becomes a part of the British Monarch, she has to give up on all her social media accounts (bye bye Snapchat dog filter) and use the Kensington Royal social media accounts, like the rest of her future family to keep her fans and followers updated with her life.

2. Take Selfies:


The next thing she can say goodbye to is taking selfies. She might have her private phone full of her cute selfies but she won’t be able to take them in public with the regular people. 

3. Go Out in Public Alone:


It was hard for Meghan to roam around in public all alone even when she was an actress. But now that she’ll be a princess, she won’t be able to go anywhere alone for obvious security reasons. 

4. Go to Sleep Before the Queen:


Whenever the Queen and Meghan are staying at the same location, she is not supposed to go to sleep before the Queen decides it’s time to doze off.

5. Kiss in Public:


We know very well how much Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are in love with each other, but unfortunately, they won’t be able to show any PDA, especially kiss in public. Sucks to be them, well not really.

6. Sign Autographs:


Being an actress, Markle might have a lot of practice of signing autographs and fan-posters, but sadly she won’t be able to do that anymore as her signature might be forged and used against the royal family. But the good news, she can do so at official signing events.

7. Cross Her Legs:


Being a princess comes with a few consequence, and one of those is sitting as comfortably as you like. And the future duchess won’t be able to do that either. Maybe she can take some lessons from Kate Middleton as she can nail the “Duchess slant” like no other.

8. Vote:


Voting might be a fundamental right for everyone but it is considered unconstitutional for a monarch to vote. Even though Meghan will be granted a British citizenship after her marriage, she won’t be able to vote in any of the elections.

9. Open Presents on Christmas Day:


Christmas means celebrations with the family and opening up the presents, which is probably more fun for some people. But for the Royals, opening presents is a Christmas Eve tradition and on Christmas, they attend church, and the viewing of the Queen’s annual speech.

10. Wear Dark Nail Polish:


It is very important for the royal women to appear as natural as possible. So Markle can now say goodbye to all the fancy nail polishes or makeup she might have in her makeup box and opt for a more natural looking product.


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