10 Weird Haircuts You Would Never Dare to Try!

The hair style that we chose to carry makes a huge difference in our appearance. Every man and woman ponders over the kind of hairstyle that they would like to try next, as if it were the last time they would cut their hair. People spend hours trying to visualize themselves in a new haircut because, if it isn’t already clear, cutting hair is pretty permanent. Every individual wants to look the best and hair is a major part of the face, meaning a haircut has to be chosen very wisely.

On one spectrum there are people who think for days, even months, before a haircut in fear that they might have to face embarrassment if the cut doesn’t work out. On the other spectrum,here are people who are of the thought that hair will grow back and what cut they carry doesn’t matter much.

Among them, there are people who don’t are about what others think and like to get extra experimental while getting a haircut. Whether it is an attempt to catch the attention of the entire world or one to show people that they don’t care about opinions, these people do have something most of us don’t: GUTS!

Take a look at the following 10 weird unique hairstyles that we bet you wouldn’t dare to try!

1.Because I don’t give a shit, I only take a shit!

2. If one mustache makes me cool, am I cooler now that I have two?

3. How sweet is your short strawberry cake?

4. “I feel like I could fly right now, like I could touch the sky right now!” – Said no one better!

5. Are you sad? So am I, looking at you!

6. Wow look: a hairband for the head!

7. Can’t go anywhere without my precious!

8. Who wore the pineapple better : Pizza or People?

9. I have my eyes on you!

10.  A pretty permanent cap to protect myself from the world!



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