10 Worst Things People Do At A Wedding.

A wedding day is the most important day in someone’s life. It is the day from which they get to be with the love of their life and they want it to be the perfect day of their lives. But there are people who end up ruining it for everyone.

Here are the 10 worst things people do at a wedding.

1. Get drunk and cause a scene.


Every wedding has one guy who had enough to drink but they don’t stop because it’s the wedding of the decade. And if drinking wasn’t enough, they have the night all figured out. The whole dance floor is theirs and theirs only and there’s no better dancer that ever existed. On top of that, if someone tries to stop them from embarrassing themselves, a fight break out right there.

2. Wear a dress that looks exactly like the bridesmaids.


There are bridesmaids dresses for a reason and if you show up to a wedding wearing a dress that looks exactly the same, you’re ruining their wedding moment. It’s embarrassing as it is and everyone is either going to think that you are one of the bridesmaids or that you have some sort of feud with the bride for not picking you as a bridesmaid.

3. Photobomb the official pictures.


Why would anyone do that honestly? But there are some Michael Scott wannabes who feel like the world revolve around them. So they make sure that they appear in each and every photos that are taken that day and if possible, with everyone.

4. Forget gifts.


What could be the worst when someone invites you to their wedding to be a part of the celebration of their life and you show up empty-handed. You must be under the influence when you take the “no gifts” sign on the card literally.

5. Wear a full white or a full black dress.


Whites are for brides and blacks are for funerals. This is something everyone knows and yet you show up to somebody’s wedding wearing a full black or white, you’re clearly being disrespectful.

6. Inappropriate best man’s speech.


Everyone is curious what the best man might say in his speech. It has to one of the hardest things to do for someone who is assigned that spot. And it’s even hard for the groom as a lot of people is going to know about some major secrets. Though a little funny and revealing best man’s speech is acceptable, the moment it becomes inappropriate it’ll turn the whole wedding upside down.

7. Forget to order a meal for the photographers.


 Wedding photography is one of the hardest jobs to do as you have to be constantly present everywhere and capture every moment. Sometimes people tend to forget that they’re a human being too who gets hungry and tired and forget to order a meal for them.

8. Ask photographers to stay extra hours and still pay the same.


First, they don’t get to eat and then the bride and the groom asks them if they could stay a few extra hours as they’re not done posing. But the worst thing is they don’t get paid for the extra hours or they start bargain to lower the price.

9. Bring a +1 that wasn’t invited.


One of the plus sides at weddings are the +1s. This way you can avoid unnecessary conversations with people asking you when are you tying the knot. But you can ruin their happy day by bringing with you that one person that was not invited and everyone was hoping they wouldn’t show up as your +1.

10. Become the photographers themselves.


People hire a wedding photographer for a reason. But there are some people who think they can take better pictures and start becoming an unofficial wedding photographer and ruin everything.

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