11 Animals That Are on the Verge of Extinction

The species of animals that once thrived this planet are now slowly being pushed to extinction.

The number of wild animals is decreasing day by day. The species of animals that once thrived this planet are now slowly being pushed to extinction.

Most animals that are almost extinct is mainly because of climate change, poaching, loss of habitat, hunting and other human activities that fuel pollution and other diseases.

Some species slowly disappear without us ever knowing they existed.  Here are the 12 species, from the many, which are included in the International Union for Conservation (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species of animals and World Wild Life (WWF)’s list of species that are drastically decreasing in numbers:

Giant Otter

animals that are almost extinct

Giant otters are the largest otters that reside only in South Africa.

They were hunted for their skin in the past, that led to the drastic decrease in numbers. Now, the destruction of rivers and lakes (their natural habitat), along with water pollution has left a very few their species in the wild.

The Bornean orangutan

animals that are almost extinct

Bornean Orangutans are only found in the island of Borea, hence the name.

The numbers of Bornean Orangutans are decreasing due to habitat loss from deforestation. Forests are being cut down for several purposes, mainly paper, palm oil, and rubber, due to which orangutans are losing their homes.

According to the statement released by the  IUCN this July, the population of this species has fallen by 60% since 1950.

White-rumped vulture

animals that are almost extinct

This species of vulture are decreasing in numbers at a rapid pace. Over 99% of its population has been wiped out since the 1980s.


animals on the edge of extinction

These solitary animals mostly roam around forests and grasslands are found in Africa and Asia.

Pangolin’s are widely hunting for their meat and scales. They are believed to be one of the most trafficked animals


animals going extinct

Vaquita is a rarely spotted marine animal similar to dolphins and whales. They have a large dark ring around its eyes and dark patches on its lips that form a thin line to its fins.

Allegedly, less than a 100 of these are left due to illegal fishing and within Mexico’s Gulf of California (the only place they are found in)

Peruvian Black Spider Monkey

animals that are almost extinct

Found in eastern South America north of the Amazon River, the Peruvian black spider monkeys’ play a pivotal role in seed dispersal, which helps their environment to grow.

This species of monkeys is decreasing due to hunting, and destruction of their rainforest homes.

The Red Wolf

endangered animals

Red wolves reside in Eastern North Carolina. They are considered a critically endangered species by the IUCN.

Despite efforts to conserve these animals, only around 25 to 40 are said to be left in the wild


endangered species

These animals are often called the “Asian unicorns”. They were discovered in 1992.

Soalas live in the forests of Vietnam and Laos and spotted a very few times in the wild.

They are endangered due to hunting and destruction of their habitat as a result of infrastructure operations, such as the construction of roads etc.

Amur leopard

animals going extinct

The solitary Amur leopard is one of the world’s most endangered wild cats.

They have already gone extinct from China and the Korean Peninsula and only found in the Amur River basin of eastern Russia

According to WWF, there are around 60 of them left in the wild and around 200 in zoos across the globe.

Black Rhino

animals that are almost extinct

They are slowly increasing in numbers, but with fewer than 5,000 are left in central Africa, they are still critically endangered.

Black rhinos have been killed in increasing numbers in recent years for their horns 

Their horns are said to cure illnesses, such as hangovers, fevers and even cancer. Their horns are also bought and consumed purely as a symbol of wealth.

Ili Pika

animals that are endangered

They are small mammals who live in  Tianshan mountain range in China. The animal lives on the sloping bare rocks and mainly feed on grass.

As expected, their threat of extinction is as a result of their habitats being affected by the climatic change as well as the infringement of grazing livestock and air pollution.

Their total population is said to be less than 1000.

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