12 Things you do as an Adult if you were Emotionally Abused as a Kid

Emotional abuse leaves lasting scars that you can easily determine in someone’s behavioral pattern if they were a victim.

Growing up is hard, especially if you had an emotionally abusive childhood. Life becomes really hard to cope with when you were abused and neglected as a kid.

It’s easy to deal with such things if you were an adult, but being an abuse victim as a kid, it’s hard to let things go as whatever you experience during your childhood, it tends to stay with you and your memory forever.

Emotional abuse leaves lasting scars that you can easily determine in someone’s behavioral pattern if they were a victim.

We know we can’t change how things were in the past but what we can do is help the people who have been emotionally abused live a better life. Because even if they don’t admit it, they know that they need love, help, and guidance to let go of their past.

You might be living with, seeing, or simply know someone that has been living with the scars of abusive parents or caretaker but you might’ve never realized it.

There are certain behavior or behavioral pattern that adults tend to show if they were ever a victim of emotional abuse. This might give us an idea of how painful their childhood must’ve been.

Here are 12 things people do as an adult if they were emotionally abused as a kid.

Overly Apologetic.

emotionally abused as a kid

There are some people we know that tends to say ‘sorry’ a little too much. It doesn’t really matter if there is something wrong or not or whether it’ their fault or not, they always apologize constantly.

This is one of the signs to know that they’ve had an abusive childhood. Because as a kid they were made to apologize for even the tiniest of mistakes or for nothing at all and they were told they never do things the right way.


emotionally abused as a kid

When someone was abused as a kid, they have the tendency to make sure everything is perfect so they wouldn’t disappoint others.

They tend to be very organized, sometimes a clean freak, and while trying to do better they sometimes over-do it making them an over-achiever.


emotionally abused as a kid

When you were abused as a kid, you tend to be very self-defensive and protective of your own feelings.

A lot of times this may seem like they’re trying to spread negative energy all over and are cold and heartless people, but the truth is they’re actually hurting from within and don’t know how to react to certain emotions.


emotionally abused as a kid

People who were emotionally abused during their childhood find it really hard to socialize.

They don’t exactly know how to act and aren’t comfortable around other people. They’re too shy to approach someone and too introverted to get along with other people.

Trust Issues/Commitment Issues.

emotionally abused as a kid

When you were emotionally abused as a kid, you find it hard to trust people or to commit to them.

Trust and commitment issues are a serious problem that abuse victim goes through. It’s not easy for them to trust someone without spending a long time with them.

And it’s even harder to commit as they think they’re not good enough for anyone and everyone else deserves much better than the person they are.


emotionally abused as a kid

Having been abused in the past, people are prone to addiction. The addiction can be of anything like alcohol, hard drugs, toxic relationships, etc.

They can’t be brave enough to face the everyday life so they turn to addiction to cope up with life better which in turn destroys them.

Anxiety and Depression.

emotionally abused as a kid

If a person was abused as a kid, they tend to have many issues in their lives. They become more anxious and can easily fall victim to depression.

They find it hard to communicate with other people, be more social, or express their feelings and ideas because they’re too scared to.

They’re left with a lot of emotional scars that it’s difficult for them to open up to others and develop depression.


emotionally abused as a kid

When people cannot communicate and share their feelings with others, they start taking the wrong path and live in darkness.

And eventually, living starts feeling like the wrong thing to do. So, as a result, they start hurting themselves and harming their own bodies.

Low Self-esteem.

emotionally abused as a kid

People who have been abused emotionally all their childhood tend to grow up with a very low self-esteem.

They’ll think that they’re not good enough for anyone or anything. They’ll believe that they can’t do anything correctly as they’re not smart enough to be good at something.


emotionally abused as a kid

The people that were emotionally abused when they were kids also have issues with anger.

Being angry is not something they want to be on purpose but having to live the life they lived and to face the situation they have faced, it’s hard for them to deal with the unbridled constant anger issues.

Run away from Conflict.

emotionally abused as a kid

When you’ve been emotionally abused all your life, it’s hard to remain constant, be confident, take decisions, and be able to tackle conflicts.

So instead of facing them, it’s easier for them to run from conflicts and avoid a difficult situation.

Tough and Sensitive.

emotionally abused as a kid

Years of abuse teaches you to be tough. You know not to trust people easily, not get emotionally attached and open to someone. And you learn to live your life on your own terms.

But it also makes you immensely vulnerable and sensitive to a lot of things, especially when one talks loudly and behaves aggressively.

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