15 Bizarre Historical Facts

We don’t know what happened in the past but reading history books and watching historical movies and documentaries have made us believe that all the ancient heroes are good people and can do no wrong. But that might not be the case. So, here are 15 bizarre historical facts you never knew.

1. Franklin D. Roosevelt and His Mistresses.


The 32nd President of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt kept multiple mistresses, and one of them was his wife’s social secretary.

2. Thomas Edison and the Love for Electricity


Thomas Edison killed an elephant by electrocuting it. The elephant was a female circus elephant who had killed three men including an abusive trainer. 

3. The Half-Blind Leader and His Blind Followers


During a battle Basil, a Byzantine emperor captured 15,000 Bulgarians. He then blinded 99 of every 100 men and left the 100th guy with one eye and sent them home.

4. Christoper Columbus the Pimp


The so-called founder of America used to turn pre-pubescent native American girls into prostitutes. 

5. The Natural Contraception


The ancient Romans used a natural contraceptive, a plant called silphium. The Romans were so much dependent on the plant that it went extinct. 

6. Anne Frank’s Diary


Anne Frank’s father Otto Frank edited the Diary of Anne Frank as he didn’t want some of the things she wrote published like the things about Anne discovering herself, her period, learning about boys and her father’s infatuation with fart jokes.

7. The Origin of the Vibrator


The vibrator was initially created to treat Hysteria as the doctors were taking too long to stimulate women manually. After it’s invention, the vibrator became the largest selling household appliance. 

8. Malcolm X’s Preferences


Malcolm X was bisexual and also worked as a sex worker for almost ten years.

9. Lyndon B Johnson and His “Jumbo”


The 36th President of USA, Lyndon B. Johnson named his genitals “Jumbo” and he used to wave it around during the meetings and brag about its size.

10. Poking Fest


In the late 18th and early 19th century, the rural American citizens used to settle disputes gouging out each other’s eyes. 

11. The Angel of Death


Josef Mengele, also known as “the angel of death” was a German Schutzstaffel officer who used to take Jewish Kids and do experiments on them. He once sewed two twins together by the length of their spines, he also took a baseball bat to a child’s leg and broke it. He did it repeatedly until the leg gave up on healing.

12. Not So Saint Olga


Igor, the husband of Princess Olga of Kiev, was murdered by an Eastern Slavic Tribe, and she took over Kievan Rus’. Not wanting a female ruler, the tribe sent her a group of suitors. To get revenge for her husband’s murder, she dumped the suitors into a giant hole and buried them alive. She fake-accepted a suitor and organized a party and invited everyone to the bathhouse. After the arrival of the guests, the doors were shut and barred, and the bathhouse was burned to the ground.

She killed the rest of the guests in another party where she got them drunk and ordered the royal guards to kill them. She burned the whole city down after the Drevliands begged for forgiveness. She asked the tribesmen for three pigeons and three sparrows each, she tied hot coals to the bird’s legs and sent them back home. She either killed, enslaved, or extorted the fleeing people into her army. She is now a saint in the Eastern Orthodox church. 

13. The Real Life Planet of the Apes


In the 1920’s a Russian scientist, Ilya Ivanovich Ivanov conducted experiments trying to make a human-chimpanzee hybrid using artificial insemination.

14. The Formation of the Universe


 According to an Egyptian creation myth, the universe was created after the God Atum ejaculated. Some Pharaohs would ceremonially ejaculate into the Nile in his honor.

15. Gay Torture


 Being gay was and is stilled considered sin. I the middle ages, being gay was a punishable act. If someone was gay, they were hung by the ankles and sawed in half. 


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