15 Things at Home That Can Put Your Child at Risk

It’s the most exciting and joyful time when your baby starts walking and officially becomes a toddler.

But at the same time, it also opens up your child to a whole new world of dangers in your home.

Often, injuries happen because parents are not aware of what their children can do i.e. walk, run, jump and explore almost everything.

Because of all the new things your child can do, this stage is very dangerous time for him/her and it’s your responsibility to protect them from injury.

You need to look for potential hazards in your child care space and take required steps to prevent injury and unsafe conditions.

Here is the list of 15 such items or things at home that can put your child at risk.

Household Plants

They may look attractive and pretty, but plants are dangerous if you have pets or children running around the house.

Popular varieties namely daffodil, ivy, iris, lily of the valley and mistletoe are poisonous when consumed.

They contain toxic chemicals to protect themselves from insects, animals and humans. So, keep these plants out of your home to avoid any accidents or injuries.


The overdose of toothpaste can cause stomach pain and intestinal blockage. But, if it contains fluoride, as most toothpaste do these days, it gets more serious.

It leads to difficulty in breathing, convulsions and even cause heart attack.

We are not suggesting that you avoid toothpaste but make sure the toothpaste is out of reach of your child to avoid any such injuries.

Flat-Screen TV

We all know that bookcases, dressers, and other heavy pieces of furniture should be properly anchored to the wall.

But did you ever thought your flat screen could pose a serious risk to toddlers and young children?

According to a research, 17000 kids were taken to the E.R. between years 1990 to 2011 due to television tip-over injuries.

It is a lesson to rest of the families to keep little ones safe by mounting your TV to the wall.

Bath tub

Children’s love playing and they enjoy in anything they receive to play; be it water or toys to play with.

Leaving them playing along in water is very dangerous as kids may fall onto these.

Even though the water level is sallow, they may get drowned. In other words, their potential threat should not be underestimated.

Electric Socket

There is something about an electric socket that fascinates a child. Maybe it is the fact that parents use outlets, and children love to copy their parents.

Whatever the reason may be, it makes outlets extremely dangerous because they attract kids. In their crawling and walking process, it’s really easy for them to get near them.

If a child sticks wet fingers or a piece of metal into an outlet; he/she might get an electric shock which frequently results in death.

Every year, about 100 kids die due to electrocution.

Every parent should try to protect these outlets with plastic covers or replace them with child-proof receptacles.


Children continue to explore their world by putting everything in their mouths, even if it doesn’t taste good.

Your child can take things apart, open doors and drawers or bottles, so you must use safety caps on all toxic household products and medicines.

Make sure to keep all these things out of sight and reach of your child to avoid intake of such poisonous things in their mouth.


It is the most dangerous place for a child during meal children and it is best to keep him/her out of kitchen while cooking.

It is so because children who are learning to walk will grab anything including hot oven doors, outdoor grills and even wall heaters.

Never carry your child and hot liquids at the same time as your child will reach your hot food or cup of tea leading to burns and serious injuries.


There are batteries in remote controls, toys and in a wide array of items that are lying around your family room.

The toddlers can manipulate batteries right from their source and taking them in the mouth can prove to be dangerous.

They can leak corrosive chemicals and cause serious burns and they have known to be fatal.


A child can fall out of a window that is open more than four inches, and offers no protection.

To avoid such accidents, install window guards on all windows in your home. Else, opt for window stopping device which prevents the window from opening more than four inches.


Kids love jumping and climbing. Book shelves, closets, stand shelves are among their favorites to climb because it’s easy to get to them.

However, without a firm base, these shelves can easily fall, hurting the playful kids.

Parents should keep these shelves stable and firm in the base so that they can’t fall easily for their safety.

Sharp edges of furniture

Falling is a normal phenomenon when kids play. However, they is a high rate that they will fall upon the sharp edges of furniture in the house.

Therefore, to avoid such injury; parents should cover these edges with puff or cottons pad.

Along with these, parents should prevent kids from jumping from bed to the ground and should not put any sharp objects in their playing or running areas.

Glass Items

Pottery or glass cups can burn kids if they are careless. And in case they break these cups, it can lead to serious injury.

To avoid injury, parents must keep all the glass items out of sight and reach of their children.

Also, they should make them use plastic cups or hold the cups for them.

Small Tools

Small things in the house namely buttons, pen drive, small key rings have their own risks.

Kids can misunderstand them as food and swallow them which can make them choke creating fatal risks.

Parents should try to keep these things at a safe place i.e. out of reach of childrens.


For kids, medicines with colors look exactly like candy and they cannot distinguish them being unaware of the danger at the same time.

Inhaling of medicines in large quantities at once can lead to death. So, parents should put medicine out of their reach.


Refrigerator magnets are colorful and attractive to children. Unfortunately they also present a significant choking hazard.

They often take off the magnets from refrigerators and put them in their mouths. When taken in mouth, it can result in the toddler to choke leading to death if not taken care as soon as possible.

Parents should place magnets higher on the refrigerator out of reach of children.

Baby proofing can never be 100 percent effective. To avoid these injuries and accidents, proper supervision is always required.

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