15 Things Most People don’t know about Africa

Some even have the audacity to call Africa a country, when it clearly it is a continent

Africa is the world’s largest continent and even though it is very popular, not many people know about it.

Some even have the audacity to call Africa a country, when it clearly it is a continent and as previously mentioned, the largest one.

With an area of 30.37 million km2 and 1.2 billion people, Africa covers about 20% of the total surface area of Earth and about 16% of the total human population.

There are 54 sovereign states and 10 non-sovereign territories in Africa and it is packed with a lot of history when it comes to life on earth.

Here are 15 things most people don’t know about Africa.

Child Labor.

Child Labor in Africa

Almost 40% of children in Africa are involved in child labor. The kids that are forced into labor in Africa is between the ages of 5 to 14.

It has the world’s highest incidence rates of child labor. Nearly 1 out of every 5 children is involved in child labor in Africa.

Home to World’s Largest Living Land Animal.

African Elephant

In addition to being the largest continent, Africa is also home to the largest land animal, the African Elephant.

They’re called the African Bush Elephant and are 3one of the most intelligent animals in the world.

There is also another species of elephant found in Africa called the African Forest Elephant and they are the 3rd largest land animal in the world.

96 Elephants are Killed Daily.

Elephant Poaching in Africa

Though its home to the forest elephants and bush elephants, African elephants are in a major threat.

As of September 2016, the population of the elephants in Africa is about 415,000.

The population has significantly decreased over the years because of poaching and hunting.

Every day, about 96 elephants are killed by the poachers.

Banana Beer.

African Banana Beer

Beer is one of the most loved and widely consumed beverages in the entire planet. Commonly, beer is brewed from malted barley.

But other ingredients like maize, wheat, and rice is also used in brewing a beer.

But in Africa, a special ingredient is used to brew beers and surprisingly it is bananas.

In countries like Congo, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, and Rwanda people manufacture banana beer which is consumed during ceremonies and rituals.

The Highest Country in the World.


Lesotho, officially known as the Kingdom of Lesotho is situated in the southern part of Africa that stretches around qq.583 sq. mile.

The country got its independence on October 4, 1966, from the United Kingdom.

And it is the only country in the whole world that entirely lies above 1000m.

The Official Title of the Ugandan Dictator Idi Amin.

Idi Amin

The president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979m Idi Amin is a politician as well as a Ugandan military officer.

Though he was known commonly as Idi Amin, his full title is a pretty mouthful. If you think Daenerys Targaryen’s title is long, you haven’t seen the world, my friend.

His official title is “His Excellency, President for Life, Field Marshal Al Hadji Doctor Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in General and Uganda in Particular”.

The Saan People of Africa.

The Saan People of Africa

Africa is home to so many tribes, aboriginals, and indigenous people and one of them is the Saan People.

They are indigenous hunter-gatherer groups found mostly around Southern African territories.

They are so authentic and live like how people used to hundreds of years ago that they still use tools that are almost 44,000 years old.

The Highest Rates of Albinism.

African Albinos

Albinism is a common case in a lot of people around the world. It is basically the congenital absence of any pigmentation or coloration in the body.

So, albinism causes a person to appear white, with white hair and pink eyes.

Tanzania, one of the countries in Africa which is the home to Mt. Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain of Africa also has the world’s highest rate of albinism.

However, the population of albinos is in danger as they are often attacked, mutilated, or killed due to superstitions.

People of Tanzania believe that the body parts of albinos have magical powers for which witch doctors in Africa perform black-magic practices on them which is known as ‘muti’.

French Speakers.

French speakers in Africa

Europeans have influenced the entire planet by basically conquering the lands they set foot in and by settling there and enslaving the aboriginals.

And one of those countries conquering the different parts of the world was France.

The French were able to conquer different parts of Africa and were able to influence the indigenous people there.

As a result, there are more people in Africa that speak French than in France itself.

The Fastest Runners in the World.

World's fastest runners

We can admit and African people are very athletic. Their athletic ability is beyond anything the rest of the world has seen.

One of such tribes in Africa is the Kalenjin tribe of Kenya that inhabit most of what was the Rift Valley Province.

The Kalenjin people are known as “the running tribe” as almost all of the Kenyan runners that have been able to win medals in different sporting events have been Kalenjin.

Half of the World’s Gold.

African Gold

In addition to being the largest continent in the world, Africa is also very rich in minerals and natural resources.

It has an abundant amount of precious metals as it holds 90% of the world’s platinum and cobalt and 50% of its gold.

And half of the gold that’s ever mined on Earth comes from one place, the Witwatersrand in South Africa which is a 56-kilometer-long north-facing scrap.

The Invention of Arithmetic.

Invention of Arithmetic

Among the origin of a lot of things, Africans are the inventors of Arithmetic, that’s right folks, maths originated in Africa.

If history is to be considered, the earliest form of arithmetic came from central Africa where people used the Ishango Bone, probably for addition and subtraction as early as the 20,000 BC.

Home to the Big Five, the Small Five, and the Ugly Five.

African animals

Africa is home to many things. From dramatic climate to diverse flora and fauna, and tribes and indigenous people.

It is also home to diverse forms of animals. Mostly, the big five, the small five, and the ugly five.

The Big Five refers to the lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes, and leopards. The Small Five are antlions, rhino beetles, elephant shrews, buffalo weavers, and leopard tortoise.

And the Ugly Five are hippo, stork, hyena, vulture, marabou, and warthog.

Strange Rivers, Mountains, and Desert.

Okavango river

Africa has many mountains, rivers, and deserts that are special in their own way.

For example, the Okavango River which instead of flowing to the sea, disperses into the Kalahari Desert creating the most pristine wetland in Africa.

There is also the Table Mountain which has a table-flat top and when the clouds hover over it, it looks like a tablecloth covering a table.

Sossusvlei Desert

It is also home to Sossusvlei Desert in Namibia which is referred to as the sand ocean. It is well known for its massive sand dunes which are believed to have a life of its own as it is “walking” a few centimeters inland every year.

Birthplace of Human Kind.

The First Human

Whether you like it or not, Africa is all of mankind’s motherland.

Just outside of Johannesburg, South Africa lies a place called the Cradle of Humankind which is believed to be the place where mankind began, thus, making it the birthplace of humanity.

The first ape-man fossils were found in the very place and there are excavations happening in the place till date.

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