15 Things you didn’t know about Beyoncé

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, 37, is one of the most talented, loved, successful, and powerful artists on this planet.

September 4, 1981, was the day a star was born. A star who later became something so bright and full of life that people started taking her as an inspiration.

Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter, 37, is one of the most talented, loved, successful, and powerful artists on this planet.

From dropping secret albums, selling out stadiums, breaking records, and topping charts, to becoming the most powerful woman in music, Beyoncé is indeed a household name and has the power alter the music scene.

With 22 Grammys in her name, Queen Bey has sold more than 100 million records worldwide till date as a solo artist and another 60 million with Destiny’s Child.

She’s married to rapper Jay-Z (Shawn Carter) since 2008 and has 3 children Blue Ivy Carter (6), and twins Sir and Rumi Carter (1).

With millions of followers worldwide (62M on Facebook, 117M on Instagram, and 14.8M on Twitter) it’s a sure thing that Beyoncé is a powerful name and is one of the most famous and followed artists around the world.

And with her maintaining her privacy as much as she can whether it is about her marriage troubles with her husband, her miscarriage stories, her secret projects, or the way she lives her lavish private life, she is always driving her beehives (fans of Beyoncé) crazy to get a glimpse of it all.

Despite that, we have been able to gather some pretty hot-saucy information about the Queen and to celebrate her 37 years of life here are 15 things you didn’t know about Beyoncé.

  1. 1 Her Heritage


    Beyoncé has a mixture of heritages. She has Native American, African, Irish, and French heritages in her blood.

  2. 2 Ancestry


    She comes from a line of a slave owner who fell in love and married a slave. Also, she is the descended from Joseph Broussard, the Acadian leader through her mother.

  3. 3 Mental Health


    Beyoncé suffered from depression for two years around the time Destiny’s Child won their first Grammy.

  4. 4 Style Inspiration


    Yoncé’s ultimate style icon is British supermodel Kate Moss.

  5. 5 Favorites


    Her favorite film of all time has to be is 1937 classic “A Star is Born”. Her favorite number is ‘4’ as her mother, her husband and herself were all born on the 4th day of their birth months and was married on 4th April 2008.

    Her favorite colors are gold and pink and favorite makeup product is mascara.

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