20 Most Awkward Moments Caught on Camera

No matter how we are in real life, when we see a camera pointed towards us, we automatically strike a pose and get our inner ‘diva’ out. But there are sometimes when we’re getting caught at the moment and doing some silly stuff it’s very likely that someone is capturing it in their camera and that is never going away.

Here are 20 most awkward/embarrassing moments caught on camera.

1. 4d4ce17d3fafcc2898d2bb97f8b5f43b.jpg

Not a good day to stretch and show off your skill for this lady.

2. 9a2043f6d27e83caca7a6dca7409c44a.jpg

Yikes, that must’ve hurt.

3. 69f83a244ee731fc5b45c4524d9c7611.jpg

Sneaky Santa.

4. 141ce7c4f75ce0827d3baddc38780dbf.jpg

The real definition of awkward.

5. 900cbf3f40e9ec18d5835eafd16c80dd.jpg

But…but you told me it was natural. 

6. 64245b7bbff48e87a623b64a649817f7.jpg

Didn’t your mama tell you-you’re not a kid no more?

7. adbe094eac88d9f343bc9ff5c774599e.jpg

The reason you shouldn’t be drinking too much at a club.

8. b6fbb88ad78cb571880961607c9218e6.jpg

Somebody help the poor guy.

9. b53463f2fc57dad9af65075cf890dc19.jpg

Friendzone level 9999. His face has all the answers to how he’s feeling.

10. 523193c6f8e8fcd4cc62fd798108e91b.jpg

Why? Just Why?

11. 938b39a480b93c0d5dc5ae1f8e9f26a8.jpg

Girl, we see what you trying to do.

12. 51e5dbc7d2354e898902a85055d0862b.jpg

Somebody tell her that’s not how it works.

13. 7a7fd73c7419a634e865a2af77e9e6f3.jpg

Do I even need to say anything about this?

14. 058c9bab338c108e1368e8ae72b21967.jpg

Let’s just say it’s not the day for mustard. 

15. 8bef9a0507376c481c74d07f0ad06cf2.jpg

Life hacks when you run out or a hair band.

16. 65a39bef2b5c6c74f3abb2db5533d8ef.jpg

Still trying to figure out what went wrong here.

17. 5f1dc18c7e0f7a655a2db64a7837f66e.jpg

Trust me this happens to the best of us.

18. bb0c5570d2c6ff470725f22bb917aa07.jpg

The struggle is real with this one.

19. cba91d63a28de90f0a17463186e7939d.jpg

Girl, you need new shoes, or maybe a new foot.

20. c5fc52dc58441989252090008089a6d0.jpg

What? Why? What is going on in here? 



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