20 Most Relatable Memes on the Internet

What is the internet without memes these days? You open social media and bam! A bunch of really funny yet relatable memes that may sometimes make you question your existence. But at the end of they, they are just internet shenanigans and created by people maybe with a lot of free time on their hands. And all we need to do is appreciate their creativity and not worry too much. Here are the 20 most relatable internet memes that make most of us say “same”.

1. The Evil Kermit the Frog Meme:


Because what is the point of waking up if we don’t check all the social media pages we own and scroll through the DMs every morning before actually getting out of bed. This is all of us every morning before waking up.


2. Holding in Cough Meme:


Whoever enjoys this meme and says “same” you guys need to get over yourselves and try to be less anxious because there is definitely something wrong with you.


3. The When You Ask Your Dog Meme


Every dog owner relates to this meme because the picture perfectly exemplifies the exact action happening when your dog “accidentally” puts something in its mouth.


4. The Roll Safe Meme


The Roll Safe Memes might be a little harsh at times but it tends to be true a lot of times. I mean, just think about it, if you don’t have anything put together in the first place, you don’t have to be petty and complain about it later. Win-win (well almost).


5. The Young Michael Jackson Meme


Another every moring relatable meme courtesy of the legend. Just look at his face and tell me it’s not all of us when we forget our phones for a trip to the bathroom.


6. The Confused Black Girl Meme


This meme is relatable to so many situations. And this happens to all of us, especially with our moms or sisters. (umm look at your own phone maybe?)


7. The Salt Bae Meme


Salt Bae took the internet by storm in the early 2017s and all his memes and gifs are so relatable. This one is especially for the pettiness inside all of us.


8.The “When you just wanna” Meme


Honestly, why do people like this even exist? Aren’t they supposed to take the hint the first time their call gets ignored?


9. The Confused Nick Young Meme


This happens to every one of us and Nick Young’s face is exactly all our faces. The sad thing is why can’t our parents laugh at our witty humor maybe just once?


10. The Spongebob Meme


There are so many Spongebob memes that are relatable to us all but this one is the most because let’s admit it, we all had a teacher who’d lose his/her cool every once in a while and some students who enjoyed pissing them off. The end result, everyone laughing so loud all the teacher could do is be embarrassed.


11. The Arthur Meme


This is all of us if we’re on the kitchen duty and trying really hard to just curl up in your bed but people you live with do not think so.


12. The Lonely Pablo Escobar Meme


This one hits you hard and makes you realize how lonely you actually are without your friends.


13. The Game of Thrones Meme Part I


People who don’t watch Game of Thrones, are you even human? Go and watch it already and get this over with.


14. The Game of Thrones Meme Part II


Why does it take it so damn long? And if that wasn’t enough, the series might be delayed till 2019.


15. The Green Stop Sign Meme


Because you’re a petty person and love all things petty.


16. The Makeup Meme Part I


Brain: It’s the money I earned working so hard.

Me: Buys a bunch of lipsticks that looks exactly the same.


17. The Makeup Meme Part II


It’s winter, the water is cold so I don’t want to touch the water and it’s such a tiresome job.


18. The Sleep Meme


Because ignorings all your duties and responsibilities and napping is the best thing to do, like ever.


19. The Grandad Harold Meme


Grandad Harold makes everything tolerable. And no annoying human, I didn’t watch what you send me.


20. The “Chris Brown Thinking” Meme


Actually, I was just lurking around window shopping, thank you for your service though(Leaves the shop in shame). All of us, all the time.


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