20 weird facts about your body to blow your mind away!

The brain starts to eat itself in cases of extreme starvation or sleep deprivation. It can also survive for five to ten minutes without oxygen.

Humans have been a subject of wonder and mystery while also being the solvers of  mysteries around the world. The human body has been under study for as long as life has sustained for the human civilization, but new facts are still discovered every now and then. All the research going on around the world is for the advancement of human beings and all of it is possible because of our complex bodies.

A human body is an amazing compilation of particles that make functioning possible for us. We have been taught the basic functioning of our organs and systems in our grade-school science classes. Those were needed for understanding how our bodies work and how we can solve small problems in our bodies on our own.

There are many facts that have been left out of the textbooks, which might be of more interest to us rather than the basic functioning of our respiratory or digestive systems. Take a look at these 20 weird facts about your body that will blow your mind away!

  1. A human tongue produces enough saliva in the average lifetime to fill two swimming pools. It amounts to approximately one litre of saliva each day.
  2. The brain starts to eat itself in cases of extreme starvation or sleep deprivation. It can also survive for five to ten minutes without oxygen.
  3. Seven soap bars can be extracted from the amount of fat present in an average human body.
  4. Humans are the only species known to blush.When we blush, the inside of our stomach blushes too. Butterflies, anyone?
  5. Humans are bioluminescent. Our bodies radiate small shimmers of light invisible to the human eye.
  6. Our corneas are the only part of the body that is not in contact with blood. It gets its oxygen supply directly from the air.
  7. Our heartbeat syncs with the rhythm of the music that we are listening to.
  8. A quarter of our bones are in our feet.
  9. Our bodies are taller in the morning than they are at night.
  10. Nose and ears are two parts of the human body that never stop growing.
  11. The myth of “pregnancy brain” is not a myth. Women’s brains have been found to shrink in size during pregnancy.
  12. The acids in our stomach are so powerful that they can dissolve metals. Touching the acid would burn the skin immediately.
  13. We might not know it, but at some point in our lives, all of us might have fought cancer.
  14. 600,000 particles of skin are shed by the human body every hour.
  15. The human brain might be more active when we are asleep than when we are awake. While awake, it can generate enough electricity to light a bulb.
  16. The human eye, when compared to a camera lens, will be 576 megapixels.
  17. Half of the hand’s strength comes from the smallest pinky finger.
  18. Sex is said to be a workout, but is not a very good one as bodies only burn 3.6 calories per minute of sex.
  19. A human body carries four pounds of bacteria on it at any given time.
  20. The strongest muscle in the body is the jaw muscle. Jaw-dropping, isn’t it?
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