20 Weird Phobias that Actually Exists

Phobias are the fear that is present in people. Every person is different. Each person has their own battle they are fighting. Here is the list of weird phobias you might not have heard.

Chirophobia- fear of hands

Chirophobia is considered to be a specific phobia, which is the fear, emerged from the contact of hands. This phobia is present in those people who have fear of being touched. Traumatic events, heredity or genetically give birth to this kind of phobias. Brain chemistry combines with life-experiences to play a major role in the development of phobias.


Globophobia – fear of balloons

The fear arises from the contact of balloons is called Globophobia. This phobia is generated by a sudden shock. Balloons are involved in surprises due to which children generate this kind of phobia. Parties and circuses are the places where the mental status of children is sharp and enhanced. There is a good chance of creating such a phobia in these events.


Genuphobia – fear of knees

Having the fear of knees is called Genuphobia. This kind of phobia is very rare compared to other phobias. This kind of phobia is present in some people who are frightened of seeing uncovered knees when they come in contact in real person, whereas some of them are afraid of bare knee even when seen on movies. In addition, there are some people with this phobia who are afraid of kneeling rather than knees.

The main reason of this kind of phobia might be is a person has gone through a negative experience of a traumatic knee injury. But in some cases it doesn’t need to be his/her own knee. This phobia can be developed from seeing a friend or a relative go through bad knee injury incident.


Eisphtrophobia- fear of mirrors

The abnormal fear of mirrors or fear of seeing your reflection in a mirror is called Eisphtrophobia. Some people have this kind of phobia, which can cause them shame when they look themselves in the mirror. This phobia sometimes can also lead to depression. The sufferers experience severe anxiety even though they realize their fear is irrational.

Adding on, some people with this phobia also worry that breaking a mirror might bring them bad luck. And some are terrified of looking into the mirror, as they fear they might come into contact with a supernatural world inside the mirror.


Ombrophobia-fear of rain

Having the fear of rain is called Ombrophobia. They fear the occurrence of rain in the storm like condition. This is a fairly common kind of anxiety disorder seen among kids and adults. Some of the people with this phobia are scared of the thunder and lighting whereas some of them are even scared of the light rain. This kind of fear can be connected with various other phobias like; fear of thunder, fear of flooding, fear of dark or fear of drowning.


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia – fear of long words

Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is a strange phobia which exists in people which is the phobia associated with the fear of long words. This is an unreasoning anxiety where people are scared if they are confronted with long, enormous words. This kind of phobia can be created with an event related to a syllable or an alphabet. Most people develop this kind of phobia in the event of distress caused while learning or pronouncing long words. Likewise, people also tend to develop this kind of phobia if they have any family history of having this kind of phobia or depression as well.


Ablutophobia- fear of bathing or cleaning

Ablutophobia is an irrational kind of phobia in which people suffer from fear of bathing, showering or washing. This kind of phobia is most common in women and children compared to men. Bathing is a daily routine for most of the people. But for those having Ablutophobia, it can be terrifying. People suffering from this kind of phobia can have anxiety attacks even when thinking about bathing. According to the American Psychiatric Association, nearly 19.2 million adults in the US have this kind of phobia.


Turophobia- fear of cheese

Turophobia is the fear of cheese. People having this kind of phobia are terrified of the taste, smell or even the sight of cheese. They can’t even pass the grocery store selling cheese without having cold feet. This kind of phobia can be developed if they were forced to eat cheese when they were a child. It can also be developed if they had some traumatic incident like bullying or torture, which included cheese.


Ephebiphobia- fear of youth

Everyone goes through the stage of youth. But some people have a persistent fear of teenagers called Ephebiphobia. People tend to develop this kind of phobia due to the bad experience they had with a teenager. Due to such an event, they might come to the conclusion that the teenagers are manipulative and strong and can harm them. Adding on, teens mostly want to fit in with their peers, which sometimes results in unpleasant events for parents at home or other people. Due to this people develop this kind of phobia. The people who have this kind of phobia have symptoms of anxiety and feel threatened when they come across a teenager.


Nomophobia- fear of being without a phone

Nomophobia is the phobia, which is growing day by day on the coming generations. This fear of being without a phone is on the rise among the high school and college students. A study shows that almost 66% of the adults suffer from this phobia.


Arachibutyrophobia- fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth

Arachibutyrophobia is not a fear of peanut butter but the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth. This phobia is connected to the phobia of choking due to its sticky texture. This kind of fear is not just limited to peanut butter but extended to other peanut items like peanut butter ice cream or peanut butter sauce. Some people who have this kind of phobia are able to eat a small amount of peanut butter as a dip. But whereas, some people are afraid to have peanut butter at all. this phobia is developed among people due to events of nearly choking while having peanut butter.


Omphalophobia- fear of belly buttons

Omphalophobia is the weird fear of belly buttons. This is a kind of phobia that exists among people. The people who suffer from this kind of phobia are terrified of their belly buttons, be it their own or of others. This phobia affects men and women equally. Even the sight of the belly button is enough to make the person terrified. They don’t even like touching their belly button due to their fear. This kind of fear is developed among people due to disturbing events during their childhood. Poking or playing with belly button can sometimes end up hurting, being abused sexually or inappropriate poking are some events that might give birth to this kind of phobia.


Decidophobia- fear of making decisions

Decidophobia is the fear of making decisions. This fear might create an unhealthy dependency problem. The person who has this phobia could rely on others to make decisions for them. In some cases, this phobia might lead to difficulty or inability to make even the simplest decision. These people go out of their way to avoid making decisions. If that person is kept in the situation to make a decision then they go through severe anxiety problems. Due to this phobia, the person might lose control over the direction and goal of their life.


Dextrophobia: Fear of having objects to your right

People who are scared of objects on their right side are said to have Dextrophobia. They normally prefer stuff to be present on the left side. This might cause social anxiety as other people might assume them to be bossy. Similar to Dextrophobia, Levophobiais the fear of having objects on their left side. If they encounter objects on their right side, they have extreme anxiety, shortness of breath and excessive sweating. The symptoms might vary according to their level of fear.


Siderophobia: Fear of stars

Siderophobia is having the fear of being exposed or being out of control. These people enjoy having control over the things around them. But the stars and the universe cannot be controlled. Hence they are scared of the stars and the uncontrollable universe. These people do not like as the darkness comes an do not want to go out at night. They feel anxious and terrified thinking about how large the universe is.

Siderophobia: Fear of stars

Arithmophobia: Fear of numbers

Arithmophobia also called Numerophobia, is the irrational fear of numbers. These people are scared of all kinds of numbers. They have panic attacks by even thinking about solving mathematical equations in school or doing daily calculations. This phobia might be developed in children when they get scolded or bullied in school for not being able to solve math problems. Heredity or genetic factors might also lead to this phobia. Some people have fear against a specific number like 13, 666 or 8, which is considered bad luck in some culture.

weird phobia that exists

Aerophobia- fear of flying

Aerophobia, also known as Aviophobia is the fear of flying in airplanes, helicopter or any other flying vehicles. The people who suffer from this phobia tend to avoid family vacations or business meetings to avoid flying. This phobia can be a big obstacle for the person’s personal as well as professional life. This phobia can also be created due to connecting phobias like Claustrophobiawhich is the fear of closed and confined spaces or Acrophobia which is the fear of heights. These people start showing symptoms of phobia even after reaching the airport.

weird phobia that exists

Cibophobia- fear of food

Cibophobia is the complicated phobia created due to the fear of food. Most of the people mistake Cibophobia with anorexia, which is a dangerous eating disorder. Anorexia is the fear of body image due to food but Cibophobia is the fear of food itself. These people are very concerned about the food related to its cooking level. They check their food very carefully whether it is overcooked, undercooked, burnt or dry. They are also very careful with the expiration date. The people having this phobia mostly avoid Restaurants, as they cannot control what they are having. These people also avoid eating leftover, which is 24 hours old.

weird phobia that exists

Erythrophobia- fear of blushing

The people having Erythrophobia are very concerned that they might blush. They are very fearful of blushing too much or reddening of their cheeks. The people having other phobias can avoid the situation but those who have this kind of phobia are constantly faced with anxiety that they might blush. The people who have fear of public or are very introvert are mostly seen having this phobia.

weird phobia that exists

Xanthophobia: Fear of the color yellow

Xanthophobia is the fear of the color yellow or the word yellow. This phobia might be created due to traumatic events or heredity reason. These people feel very uncomfortable or anxious when they see a yellow school bus or anything in yellow.

weird phobia that exists

Phobophobia- fear of having a phobia

The fear of phobia is called Phobophobia. Some people are scared of developing a new phobia whereas some people are scared of developing an additional phobia. People who have a phobia are scared of developing a new phobia. The common cause of this phobia is anticipatory anxiety. Due to this, people develop a high level of fear, which might last up to weeks causing Phobophobia.

weird phobia that exists


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