10 Words That Will Help You Describe Your Emotions Better

Sometimes we can't put words to describe emotions we feel. We find ourselves confused with emotions that we, ourselves can't comprehend, let alone articulate.

We feel a countless number of emotions every day. The kinds of situations we’re faced with triggers the weirdest, most indescribable emotions. There are ones that we’re most familiar with, such as happiness, sadness, confusion, anger e.t.c.

But sometimes we can’t put words to describe the emotions we feel. We find ourselves confused with emotions that we, ourselves can’t comprehend, let alone articulate.

There’s always something missing when we try to make someone else understand what exactly we’re feeling

So we just blurt out the words that we think will get the idea across, but here’s always that void.

There just isn’t a suitable word or set words to articulate them.

However, Graphic designer and editor, John Koenig has more than a few words for us that can solve this problem. 

Koenig’s The Dictionary Of Obscure Sorrows is a collection of words that can help us express emotions better.

His videos on youtube comprise of visuals that make us reminisce all times we’ve felt these incomprehensible emotions we couldn’t describe.

Here are 11 words from Koenig’s dictionary that have not yet been invented by the English language:

1. Lachesism

words to describe unknown feelings

It’s something we don’t want to accept, but sometimes we so badly want to break from our boring routines that we find ourselves waiting for disaster. In his video,  Keonig states “The apocalypse is one of the oldest fantasies we have, but it’s not about skipping to the end of the story. It’s about revelation”

2. Onism

words for emotions you never knew

The world is huge. We can’t possibly experience everything. There’s so much we don’t get to experience and that’s the reality. Onism is the awareness of how little we can get our hands on in this lifetime of ours.

3. Altschmerz

Emotions that we haven't been able to describe

There are some issues that we’ve never found the solution to and made peace with the fact that we never will. This leaves us unaware, but still somehow occupied with the same reoccurring thought for years.

4. Oblivion

feelings to help you describe your emotions better

Sometimes we’re so zoned out that we feel like we’ve lost contact with reality.

5. Exulansis

dictionary of obscure sorrows

Remember those times when you wanted to contribute to the conversation by drawing on your own experience, but thought “Nah. They won’t get it”. That’s Exulansis.

6. Tidsoptimist

Emotions we can't describe

Whether it’s leaving for work or attending a wedding reception that still has 4 hours until it starts, we’ve all been in a situation where we think we have all the time in the world but end up being late again.

7. Lutalica – The Part of Your Identity That Doesn’t Fit Into Categories

new words to describe our emotions

We have labels to understand everything including ourselves. The fact that we’re a male or female, our names and so on. People seem to have us all figured out by our labels. However, there’s a part of your identity that you simply cannot put a label on, a part of you that’s well, you.

8. Pâro: The Feeling That Everything You Do Is Somehow Wrong

emotions we can't feel

Words to describe our emotions
To express his idea eloquently, Koenig shows a series of online articles that are telling you to do one thing and then you find another article that contradicts the whole idea of your previous read. 
No matter what you do and no matter how passionately you’re chasing after something, someone or something is always going to present an alternative, which leaves us feeling that we’re always doing the wrong thing.

9. Mauerbauertraurigkeit

words to help describe your emotions better
We can’t explain it. But sometimes we feel the urge to isolate ourselves from everyone, even if they’re really important to us.

10. Jouska

Words to help us understand our emotions better
Whether it’s an argument where you wish you could have said something differently or a speech for your imaginary award, we often find ourselves playing out a hypothetical situation in our head.
Keonig’s dictionary allows us to describe our obscure sorrows, and also understand our own emotions better.
You can check out Keonig’s channel for other words like these:
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