25 Best Memes of all Time

EU might be joining forces to ban memes all together, but seriously, who are they kidding?

Oh! What would our lives be without memes? The greatest invention of the sad and depressed millennials.

Memes have apparently become a coping mechanism for people who spend most of the time being online.

EU might be joining forces to ban memes all together, but seriously, who are they kidding?

To be honest, memes have become a part of our everyday stressful life that, just for a few seconds bring a sense of relief and cure our depression.

A good laugh and a mutual appreciation of the savageness and sarcasm of the internet memes is what pulls us all, especially the millennials together and makes the world a better place.

And if anyone asks you “what is a meme?” tell them that’s it’s your medicine, a daily dose of coping mechanism that lets you function and relate to the society a little bit more.

Memes are honestly a very beautiful creation of human beings. And there are so many memes in the world that just blows our minds and makes us love and appreciate the creativity of the person that created them even though they’re anonymous.

Just to be clear, no memes are trash. But sometimes we can’t really do anything but trash it for basically being a trash.

And there are a bunch of 9-year-olds claiming that YouTuber Pewdiepie kills memes every time in his YouTube channel shows “Meme Review” and “LWIAY,” that’s not true.

There are memes, golden memes that will never die. They are there for eternity and will forever be relatable.

Here are 25 best memes of all time. And just to be clear I’m not here to explain to you the meanings of the memes, I mean c’mon, grow up, you’re not a bunch of 9-year-olds.

Is this a Pigeon?

Is this pigeon?

A meme that perfectly describes our lives, most of the times. Confused and having no clue of what the hell is going on around us.

Ancient Aliens.

Ancient Aliens

Well, maybe the answer to everything is alien.

Grumpy Cat.

Grumpy Cat meme

Just admit it, we all have one of those grumpy cat moments at least one time in a day, if not the whole time.

Confused Nick Young.


When you’re mom starts blaming your phone for everything, even your stomach aches.

“Delete Your Account”.

Delete your account

Hillary Clinton knows whatsup. Yo D. Trump, what’s good?

Bed Intruder.

Now you better hide your wife and hide your kids when the bed intruder says so, they’re reapin errbody out there.

Arthur Fists.

Arthur fist meme

Don’t tell me you don’t get this feeling when that dumb colleague of yours starts speaking.

Starter Packs.

Starter Pack Meme

The most accurate memes ever, period.

“That’s what she said”.

Nope, we have nothing to say about this.

“Ain’t nobody got time for that.”


Indeed sister.

Condescending Wonka.

Condescending Wonka meme

The best way you show people your sarcasm and how much you really care.


Ermahgerd meme

Ermahgerd, thires merme ers so fernny.

Crying Michael Jordan.


What I look like, on the inside, all the time.

Pepe the Frog.

Pepe the Frog.

Can we just appreciate this sweet frog for a while first?

Evil Kermit.

Evil Kermit the Frog

Evil Kermit is honestly me at all times.

World’s most interesting man.

World's most interesting man

I don’t always sit like this, but when I do, I become a meme.

Math Lady.

Math lady

A meme I relate to, on the next level.


Doge meme

Let the doggo speak for itself.

Drake Posting.

Drake posting.

Drake’s Music.

Drake Posting memes.

Classical Art Memes.

Classical art meme.

Something that’s never, no way in hell getting old any time soon.

Sponge Bob memes.

Spongebob meme

Honestly, every Sponge Bob memes are my favorite, but personally, I prefer the mocking Sponge Bob above anything.

The Kardashians.


I mean, everything they do is meme-worthy, isn’t it? But the crown goes to Kim crying.

Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris meme

The meme that never gets old, just like Chuck Norris.

Cash me outside.


Howbow dah?

Kermit Sipping Tea.

Kermit sipping tea

The answer to “How to deal with stupid people?” Double entry for Kermit the Frog.

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