25 Things Asian Kids Relate to

The constant nagging about tiniest things was something we as Asian kids learned to live by since an early age.

No matter how cool people from the other side of the world think Asians are, you have no idea the things we had to go through and the situation that we were put into by our parents while growing up.

The constant nagging about tiniest things was something we as Asian kids learned to live by since an early age.

Which was followed by a constant comparison, nagging about how tiny our brains are or how we’ll never get a husband or a wife was the bonus we didn’t even have to ask for.

While the festivals would make you happy because you would get money and get to eat so many delicious delicacies but meeting your distant relatives and them constantly letting you know (if you already didn’t) that you’re either getting too fat or too skinny was when you wished you were never born in this family.

However, the pride and glory you feel not being born in one of those western countries and all those lovely cultures and traditions that have been passed down to you from your elders are what makes you who you are.

And behind all those naggings, those tiny little arguments you always have before going out, and all those missed calls are the love they have for us which is beyond any explanation. And for the very reason, we turned out fine and love them regardless.

Here are 25 things Asian kids relate to.


  1. 1 Constant Comparison.


    Are you even Asian if you've never been compared to other people like the better sibling, cousin or even the neighbor's kid? I don't think so.

  2. 2 Rice for Breakfast.

    Rice is something us Asians can't live without. So if you see us eating rice even for breakfast, that's how we're raised okay?

  3. 3 No Dating until Married.


    The word "dating" doesn't exist in Asian parents' dictionary so one basic and simple rule you need to follow is no dating until you're married.

  4. 4 Arranged Marriages.


    Marriages are sacred especially for Asians and they need to last forever, FOREVER. However, that doesn't mean you can marry whoever you want to because it's your Asian parents' job to find you the stranger you're going to spend the rest of your life with.

  5. 5 Asking Permissions to go out/No Sleepovers.

    If you're Asian, the first thing you'd hear your mom or dad say even before asking them would be "no". So going out would be a big no-no. And if you ever wanted to go for a sleepover, lol, right, never happening.

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