25 Viral Stories of 2018.

The year 2018 became a success in a lot of ways, however, it was a year filled with chaos and disasters for some.

Just when we thought 2017 was a short year, 2018 hit us with a bang and with just a blink of an eye, it’s about to end.

The year 2018 became a success in a lot of ways, however, it was a year filled with chaos and disasters for some.

There were so many viral moments in 2018. Some of them got us on our feelings (see what I did there?). Some made us cringe so hard that it was embarrassing. Some made us sad and disappointed. And some viral stories made us happy and filled with joy.

Be that as it may, it always feels nice to go back in time and reminisce. So, today we are looking back to all the good, bad, and crazy events that happened in 2018.

Here are 25 viral stories of 2018.

  1. 1 Kylie Jenner gives Birth.


    After so much speculations and wondering whether the makeup mogul is pregnant or not, Kylie Jenner finally announced on February that she gave birthto her first child ever, daughter Stormi Webster with rapper boyfriend Travis Scott.

    For months, Jenner’s fans and the tabloid was so stressed out to know if the news of her pregnancy was true or just a publicity stunt. But, with the arrival of her daughter, all the craziness came to a rest.

  2. 2 Someone Bit Beyoncé.


    Who bit Beyoncé?”was the biggest mystery of 2018 that everybody talked about but nobody was wanting to admit.

    Comedian Tiffany Haddish dished about the whole thing in an interview that went down at Jay-Z’s 4:44 album success party.

    The truth finally came out as Haddish admitted who it was who bit Queen B. And as rumored, it was actress Sanaa Lathan, the alleged Beyoncé biter.

  3. 3 2018 Winter Olympics.


    As crazy as it sounds, the Winter Olympics was also a part of 2018 that took place in Pyeonchang, South Korea back in February (mind = blown).

    Norway topped the medal tally with a total of 39, followed by Germany with 31, and Canada by 29.

  4. 4 People eating Tide pods.


    There is absolutely no doubt that theinternet is filled with so many idiotic people doing some majorly dumb things, all the while filled with pride.

    And this was yet proved this year when people with so much pride thought it was cool to post videos of themselves eating tide pods.

    A pure case of health haphazard, eating tide pods took so many attempters straight to the hospital and made them famous for all the wrong reasons.

  5. 5 Famous Deaths.

    In 2018 we got to witness the deaths of so many famous people. Below are few of the most famous people that lost their lives this year.

    Stephen Hawking(Theoretical Physicist), Hubert de Givenchy (Fashion Designer), Craig Mack (Rapper), Winnie Mandela (Nelson Mandela’s wife), Sridevi (Actor), Avicii (DJ), Anthony Bourdain(Chef), Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson’s father), Aretha Franklin (Singer), John McCain (U.S. politician), Mac Miller (Rapper), Stan Lee (Marvel Comics creative and business head), and George H. W. Bush (41st President of the United States of America).

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