25 Weirdest Food Eaten Around The World

The strangest thing is, they are actually considered a delicacy.

Food is something we eat to fulfill our hunger.

Sometimes it is eaten just to know how something tastes or even for health purposes.

When we think about food, we picture delicious delicacies fried or with colorful gravy, presented in a really appetizing way that just looking at it makes our stomach roll and our mouth drool.

But there is some really weirdest food eaten around the world, just hearing their name makes you want to puke. But the strangest thing is, they are actually considered a delicacy.

Here are 25 weirdest food eaten around the world.

1. Jing Leed (Grasshoppers) – Thailand.

Huge grasshoppers seasoned with salt, pepper, and chili and fried in a big wok is apparently a favorite among the people of Thailand.

2. Tripe – All Around the World.

Tripe is the stomach lining of different animals that sort of looks like a weird sea plant with a rubbery texture that is eaten almost all around the world.

3. Hákarl – Iceland.

Hákarl is a rotting carcass of a Greenland or basking shark that is buried underground in a shallow pit. It is pressed with stones to remove the poisonous internal fluid making the meat safe to eat.

The meat is then hung out to dry before it is cut into strips and served.

4. Witchetty Grub – Australia.

This large wood-eating moth is a staple of the Indigenous Australians.

They either eat it raw which tastes like almonds, or lightly cooked where the outside skin looks like a roast chicken piece and the inside resembles a scrambled egg.

5. Bushmeat – Africa.

Bushmeat is the meat of various animals found in the African land like giraffe, ape, and lemurs.

6. Sannakji – South Korea.

This is a dish involving tentacles of a baby octopus that is hacked off of it and served to the customers while still wriggling.

7. Shirako – Japan.

Though it might look like a delicious, Shirako is actually an animal’s reproductive organ.

It is in fact, a cod’s sperm sac, served either steamed or deep-fried.

8. Guinea Pig – South America.

Served whole either in a casserole or roasted, Guinea Pigs apparently tastes like a rabbit.

9. Frog Legs – France and Southeast Asia.

There are many different ways you can eat a frog’s legs. It can be fried, grilled, baked or stewed and eaten with chili or garlic cream sauce, depending on where you are.

10. Dog – China, Korea, Vietnam.

Dogs in China, Korea, and Vietnam are kept as farm animals and sold like goats and chickens.

11. Wasp Crackers – Japan.

These are a type of biscuits filled with you guessed it wasps.

12. Black Pudding – Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

Black pudding is actually blood sausages. Congealed blood is cooked with various natural flavorings, breadcrumbs, and thickening agents and then stuffed into a sausage skin.

13. Chicken’s Feet – East Asia, Caribbean, South America, and South Africa.

These are literally chicken’s feet cooked with different herbs and spices and broth and served.

14. Turtle Soup – China, Singapore, and America.

Asians use the soft-shell and its various parts to make this dish. Whereas people in the United States use the snapping turtle.

15. Cat – East Asia.

Just like dogs, cats are highly taken as a delicacy in countries like China and Korea. But not as popular.

16. Drunken Shrimp – China.

These are live and drunk shrimp that is stunned in a very strong liquor called baijiu.

17. Escamol – Mexico.

These are tiny edible larvae and pupae of ants harvested from the mescal or tequila plant. It is also called ‘insect caviar’.

18. Tuna Eyeballs – Japan.

Come to think of it, Japan is a place where people eat anything and everything.

Here is another dish that the Japanese people devour and that is the eyes of a fish, the tuna fish.

19. Fried Spider – Cambodia.

Your girlfriend may scream seeing spider in your room, but the people of Cambodia consider it a delicacy.

These big spiders are marinated in salt, sugar, and MSG and fried in garlic.

20. Century Egg – China

Let’s not go on a literal sense after hearing the name.

Century eggs are eggs preserved in a mixture of ash, clay, and quicklime for a couple of months. The yolk then turns dark green (sometimes black) and slimy and the whites turn dark brown and translucent and jelly-like.

21. Haggis – Scotland.

This delicious looking dish is actually a sheep’s liver, lungs, and heart minced and mixed with oatmeal, suet, and onions. This is then seasoned with salt and spices and cooked inside the animal’s stomach.

22. Sago Delight – Southeast Asia.

These are edible sago grubs or huge bugs seasoned with salt, pepper, and chili and are apparently creamy when raw and tastes like bacon when cooked.

23. Tequila Worm – Mexico.

We think tequila and we think Mexico. And In Mexico, people eat tequila worm. A lollipop that is tequila flavored with worms.

24. Cherry Blossom Meat – Japan.

The name might be cute and appealing but the meat in cherry blossom meat actually comes from horses.

It is raw horse meat either served as it is or a part of sushi.

25. Balut – Philippines.

This gruesome dish is actually a developing duck embryo boiled alive in its shell. And as unappealing as it sounds it looks even more horrible.

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