33 Fun Facts about Harry Potter Movies

Finding out what happened behind the scene of our favorite movies is the best thing after watching the movie. Here are little pieces of unheard behind the scenes secrets from the set of Harry Potter.

Daniel Radcliffe went through 60-70 wands throughout the series.

During the entire shoot of the Harry Potter series, Daniel went through 60- 70 wands.


Over 40 Kittens was brought to be featured in the movies

“Kitten photo shoot” was conducted for the cats to be featured in the dishes in Professor Umbridge’s office. For that shoot over 40 cats was brought. The filming of cats was done on green screen.


Emma Watson might not have gotten the role

There was an audition held at elementary schools all across Britain to find the person fit for the character of Hermione. When they were auditioning students of Emma’s school, she did not show interest in the audition. Her teacher convinced her to do the audition. She was the last girl to audition from her school.


Harry was supposed to have green eyes

In the books, Harry has green eyes. So the producer gave green contacts to Daniel Radcliffe who played Harry Potter. When he put them on he had terrible allergic reaction to the contacts so they dropped the idea.


Hermione was given Fake buckteeth

In addition to Harry, Emma Watson the character playing Hermione was also given fake buckteeth. But when she tried to talk wearing them, she failed terribly as she couldn’t speak clearly, hence again leading to dropping the idea.


The reaction of the Great Hall was real

The cast who were the new students in the Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone had real reaction while entering the Great Hall, as it was their first time seeing the Hall.


Exception made by the Duke Humfrey’s Library

The historic library, Duke Humfrey’s Library strictly forbids bringing flames into the library. But an exception was made for Harry Potter, which was the first exception in hundreds of years.


Harry’s mom could have been J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling was offered the role of Harry Potter’s mom in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, in the Mirror of Erised scene but she turned it down.


All the food in the Great Hall is 100% real

The director wanted all the food shots to look very real as mentioned in the books; so all the foods seen in the Great Hall are all real. But the temperature of the Hall was hot due to the production lights, which caused the food to create an unpleasant odor.


Gilderoy Lockhart was originally casted to Hugh Grant

Hugh Grant was originally selected to play the role of Gilderoy Lockhart but he had to pull out due to his busy conflicting scedules.


Rupert Grint actually had Arachnophobia

Arachnophobiais the irrational fear of spiders and other arachnids such as scorpions. In the books Ron has Arachnophobia. But not only Ron but the character playing Ron, Rupert Grint also had the same phobia. The reactions he had while shooting the scenes of spider were very real.


Casting of Dumbledore

Richard Harris was the original Dumbledore who sadly passed away after the release of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Michael Gambon was casted Dumbledore after Richard. But people though he was Ian McKellan from “Lord of the Rings” as they looked very similar.


Waist up shots were only taken of Harry in Yule Ball scene

All the other cast got three weeks of practice for the Yule Ball scene but due to the busy schedule of Harry, he was only able to practice for 3 days. Due to which, only waist up shots were taken of Harry to avoid his awkward feet.


Black family free was very genuine

The Black Family tree shown in Harry Potter and the Order and Phoenix is actually very real. J.K. Rowling provided over 70 names for the family tree tapestry along with the relations between all the members.


Luna Lovegood character played by same personality actress

Like mentioned in the books, Evanna Lynch who played Luna Lovegood made the radish earnings worn by Luna in the Movies. In addition, she also designed many of her outfits that she wore in the movies.


Tonks Pink hair ditched due to its color clash with Umbridge

The hair color of Tonks in the books is described as bubble gum pink. But the pink color was represented as Professor Umbridge’s color. Hence, it was turned into purple.


Digital Alteration of Daniel Radcliffe’s eyes

As Daniel Radcliffe has allergic reaction to contact lens, his eyes were digitally altered in the possession scene.


“Seven Harry” scene took 90 takes

The scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows where there are seven Harry in the single scene took 90 takes to shoot. This scene was proved to be very diffeicult to Radcliffe as each “Harry” spoke differently and requied different characteristics. He mentioned that it was most fun to shoot the Ron part of Harry, as he loved impersonating Rupert’s funny walk.


Actor who played young Tom Riddle and Voldemort are related

Fiennes Tiffin who played young Tom Riddle is actually related to Ralph Fiennes who played Voldemort in real life.


Bill Weasley and Mad Eye Moody are also related

In addition to young Tom Riddle and Voldemort, Bill Weasley and Mad Eye Moody are also related in real life. Domhnall Gleeson who plays Bill Weasley is the son of Brendan Gleeson who plays Mad Eye Moody.


J.K. Rowling revealed Dumbledore is gay

J.K. Rowling clarified that Dumbledore was gay and only had crush on great wizard Grindelward while promoting the final book.


160 prop glasses throughout the series

Daniel Radcliffe went through 160 prop glasses throughout the shoot of the whole series.


Numerous Animals played the Pets

An entire animal production team was hired for the shoot of animals. They coached and handled the animal scenes. Not single but numerous animals were played for the pet scenes. 12 different rats played Ron’s pet rat, 9 cats played Hermione’s cat and 4 different male owls played Harry’s snowy owl.


Professor Snape needed contacts

Alan Rickman, the actor who played Snape originally did not have black eyes. He used black contact lens during the shoot.


3 London buses for Knight Bus

The knight bus in the movies was created with the use of three vintage London Double Deckers. These double deckers were combined to give the height and old charm. The bus drove to its maximum and other cars were driven slowly. The roads were closed during its shoot, which took nearly 8 days to shoot.


Real Floating Candles

The floating candles in the Great Hall are actually real which were hung with the use of wires. Only the candles of first movie are computer generated.


Trio acting according to their character

The director of Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, Alfonso Cuaron asked Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson each to write an essay about their character for them to understand their character better. Watson turned 16 pages of essay, Radcliffe handed a single page essay whereas Rupert did not hand any at all. Rupert said, “Ron would have done the same.”


Harry and Hermoine’s kiss scene

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1, Harry and Hermoine had a kiss scene. They were covered in silver paint and had to share a prolonged intense kiss. They had to keep reshooting the scene as all three of them kept laughing. Rupert was asked to leave the set as he kept laughing at them and was distracting them.

Emma Watson mentioned that Daniel and Rupert were both like brothers to her so it was very awkward to shoot the kiss scenes. However, she also added that it was slightly less awkward to kiss Daniel than Rupert.


8 months to make Goblins

The goblins that appear in Gringotts had to wear prosthetics for their look of Goblin. It took around 8 months to make the prosthetics used. In addition, each single hair was added separately to achieve special and realistic effects.


Some actors were gifted with props

The actors were not allowed to take the props. However, Daniel Radcliffe got to keep his first and last pair of glasses, Alan Rickman held Snape’s wand and Hermione got to keep time turner, cloak and wand. Many cast members were randomly searched to make sure they weren’t stealing the props.


Weasley twins were real life pranksters

The actors who played Fred and George Weasley, James and Oliver Phelps switched places during several scenes. No one noticed the switch until the scenes were send to editing room. This made them to shoot the scene again.


Alan banned Rupert and Matthew from getting into his BMW

During the filming of Harry Potter and the Goblet of fire, Rupert Grint and Alan Rickman spilled a milkshake inside of Alan’s car so they were banned to enter his new BMW during the next movie shoot.


Harry’s lighting bolt

The make-up team applied the lighting Bolt scar on Harry’s forehead over 5800 times during the entire series. It was applied to Daniel’s forehead about two thousand times while the rest were applied to his stunt doubles.



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