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3D Printed Guns to Be Legally Downloaded From Next Month

The battle between Defense Distributed and the State Department about the 3D printed firearm is finally over.  

The battle between Defense Distributed and the State Department about the 3D printed firearm is finally over.

The legal battle had been going on since the last four years between the makers of the gun and the US State Department.

The story about the 3D Printed Guns go way back to the year 2012, when the US based group Defense Distributed disclosed plans to design a working plastic gun that could be downloaded and proliferated by anybody with a 3D printer.


After the plan was released, questions were raised in response to the effects that 3D printing and widespread consumer level machining would have on the gun control effectiveness.

Similarly, the plan was also not well received by the United States Department of State as they demanded a removal of the instructions from the Defense Distributed website, deeming that the initiative was violating the Arms Export Control Act.

The State Government argued that the blueprints of Cody Wilson “Liberator” pistol, which had already been downloaded more than 100,000 times, were classified as “exports” and could therefore not be distributed according to law.


As a result, the founder of Defense Distributed Cody Wilson sued the US government on free speech grounds.

Defense Distributed founder Cody Wilson debuted the world’s first 3D printed working handgun known as The Liberator in 2013.

How The 3D Printing or “Additive Manufacturing” Works?

A computer aided design or a CAD file is created. Then these files are sent to a 3D printer.

The printer then builds the object in the CAD file step by step and by applying a series of layers in order to complete the object.

At the end of the process, a 3D printed object is created.

Now, in the year 2018, the Department of Justice settled and acknowledged Wilson’s right to publish instructions for the production of the 3D printed firearms.


The multi-year legal battle that ended in a victory for Defense Distributed meaning that the digital firearm files can now be uploaded onto the web without any regulation.

Together with the Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), Defense Distributed fought back by suing the State Department for trampling on the right to free speech.

Finally, after three years, Cody along with his entire team of Defense Distributed defeated the long stretched battle as the government has now approved the gun blueprints for public release.

There are a good number of 3D printed gun designs that is freely available in the internet.

These are can replicate the actions of a real gun as they are capable enough of killing and accurately mimicking real life weapons.


Since the debut of the gun, it has grown rapidly as the materials have become cheaper and better and the software more advanced.

These 3D printed guns are made from plastic and not metals hence they can be taken through metal detectors and can be easily made with new 3D printers.

The only metal parts were the firing pin and a piece of metal included to comply with the Undetectable Firearms Act.


Now, since the decision has been taken in favor of the Defense Distributed, Cody Wilson intends to relaunch the guns from August 1st.

The CAD (computer-aided design) files would also go back online on 1 August said the Defense Distributed on its website.

The website has also made available the milling device known as Ghost Gunner that can turn parts easily purchased online into a fully working gun.


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