5 Crazy Avengers 4 Fan Theories too Good not to be True

There were a few theories that blew our mind given how it would perfectly fit the scenario.

A lot of things were left incomplete as Thanos snapped his fingers and just like that half of humanity vanished, no questions asked.

Fans of the Avengers were left with so many questions that Avengers: Infinity War rose and left unanswered. And with Avengers 4 and Captain Marvel arriving next year, there are still so many speculations surrounding the film.

Who is Captain Marvel? Are characters like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, Nick Fury, and Gamora really dead? What happens now?

These are the questions burning inside all the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Avengers: Infinity War Poster

Meanwhile, to cope up with everything that happened at the end of the Infinity War, fans came up with some convincing as well as non-convincing fan theories (which happens all the time).

Some fan theories are honestly bat-shit crazy and would fit in no universe. But there were a few theories that blew our mind given how it would perfectly fit the scenario.

Here are 5 crazy Avengers 4 fan theories too good not to be true.

The Hulk and Bruce Banner’s minds will be merged.

The Hulk and Bruce Banner

As powerful as Hulk is, what would happen if he had a brain too right? But isn’t Bruce filled with intelligence that could save the world someday?

But why are they two different people stuck in a body of one person?

We saw little to no efforts made my Hulk on the Avengers: Infinity War and honestly, it was depressing.

But there is a new fan theory circulating around that in the forthcoming untitled Avengers film the Hulk and Bruce Banner might be joining forces.

According to this theory, Shuri who is probably the most intelligent person in the MCU will eventually combine the minds of the incredible Hulk and Bruce Banner in order to create one being with the strengths of the Hulk and the wit of Bruce. Thus, becoming an unstoppable force.

Captain America Dies.

Chris Evans as Captain America

Captain America was the very first Avenger ready to save the day at any cost. And to make the world a safer place, he is even ready to sacrifice his own life.

So when a fan proposed a theory that Steve Rogers will evidently meet his fate where he has to sacrifice his life in order to save the universe, it makes proper sense.

Furthermore, his death would mean the end of an era for Marvel Cinematic Universe. And if Cap dies he would be reunited with his long lost love Peggy Carter.

Time Travel and Quantum Realm.

avengers 4 fan theories

One major evidence that there is time travel involved in the upcoming Marvel movie is that there are leaked photographs of the characters in their old costumes and familiar locations, especially the battle of New York at the end of the first Avengers movie.

So there are speculations that Thanos’ snap might be reversed somehow by the Avengers traveling back in time.

Also, the teaser of Captain Marvel at the post-credit scenes of the Infinity War might have something to do with time traveling because as far as we know, Captain Marvel lives in the 90s and Infinity War happened in the present day.

Another major evidence that time travel is possible comes from the post-credit scene of the Ant-Man and the Wasp.

In the post-credit scene of the film, Ant-man is sucked into a quantum tunnel that is shrunk and put on the back of a van.

He is there to gather quantum realm’s healing energies to help Ghost. But after he reaches there successfully and gathers the energy, he won’t be able to return as Hank Pym, Janet Van Dyne, and Hope Van Dyne are all turned into dust after Thanos snaps his fingers.

Ant-man in Quantum Realm

But Scott Lang or the Ant-man stays the way he is. What does this imply? Well for once he might the half that survived the destruction. But if it’s him being inside the Quantum Realm that’s letting him live, then it means that the Infinity Gauntlet won’t work its magic on the Realm.

And according to the theory, the Avengers somehow come to know that and lure Thanos into the Quantum Realm where his Gauntlet won’t be any good.

And as a result, there is a huge battle where Thanos will ultimately face his fall.

Furthermore, the Avengers according to the theory leave the Infinity Gauntlet in the Realm with Thanos and escape back to Earth so the universe will be protected at least from Thanos, the Infinity Stones, and the Infinity Gauntlet.

Tony Stark is the key.

RDJ as Iron-Man

Though many fans speculated that Iron Man would lose his life in Avengers: Infinity War, it never happened. He even escaped death as doctor Strange traded Starks’ life with the Time Stone.

And we all know that the magical wizard knows more than 14 million ways the war would end and when he says “it was the only way” to Stark you know that he has something to do with defeating Thanos in Avengers 4.

There are fans speculating that Tony will join forces with Shuri in Wakanda and as Robert Downey Jr. was caught giving an interview with a backdrop of Shuri’s lab in Wakanda, this might be something believable.

And in the event he might even get the chance to become the ultimate hero and sacrifice his life for the safety of the people, we never know.

Thanos broke Time and will pay for it.

Thanos with his Gauntlet

Time is a very important factor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and if you believe the words of Doctor Strange than messing with time (by using Time Stone) can have grave consequences.

And when Thanos stopped the Mind Stone being destroyed by turning back the time, he interfered with the natural order of things and broke time.

When time is “broken,” according to Mordo “temporal manipulations can create branches in time…unstable dimensional openings, spatial paradoxes, time loop!”

So what the theory state is that Thanos has to pay for breaking or interfering with time. Who makes him pay?

According to this theory, Thanos interfering with the natural order of things might upset the entities like the Cosmic Entities like the Beyonder, the Living Tribunal, and Eternity who are more invested in the preserving the order.

Thanos’ snap leads these entities to join forces and turn up to make him justify his action.


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