6 Insanely Viral And Creative Inventions of 2017!

Human civilizations have proved their intelligence and dedication towards making lives simpler with inventions of machines ranging from a simple lever to huge automated factories. And here are six of the most amazing inventions of 2017 that will blow your minds!

1. The Excavator


The excavator works like a vacuum cleaner; not to clean dust but suck the ground and soil. There are turbines in the pipes which makes suction possible. This surely has reduced the need for physical labor when it comes to digging. Does this mean the end of human toil or taking away jobs from people?

2. The RZ-6


The RZ-6 is an egg separator. The machine has the capacity to separate the egg from its yolk at a rate of 19,000 in one minute! Imagine the massive implication of the separator in the food industry.

3. The Spartan Leaf Pro


As the name suggests, the Spartan leaves sucker is used to clean up leaves. It has the capacity to suck thousands of leaves in just a minute. It sure comes handy when you are cleaning your backyard or front porch.

4. The Bale Wrapper


The bale wrapper does not have a specific name, so we gave it a name on how it functions. It wraps the bales of hay such that the hay is kept fresher for longer time and work is done within minutes by this small vehicle that looks like a mini tractor.

5. The Log Cutter

Even if we go against cutting trees, the commercial use of logs will not die for a really long time. There was a time when log cutting was completely a manual task, but now hydraulic press with the strength of exerting 55 tones of pressure has made log cutting a task of few minutes. It generally looks like an apple cutter but in a much larger version. The machine is sure handy to cut logs and more trees more quickly! This is terrifying as much as it is amazing.

6. The Giant Shredder


The Giant Shredder is a larger version of paper shredder except for the fact that this one shreds vehicle tyres finely. The tyres are crumbled into morsels which are then used to make floor tiles. This is quite amazing and useful since rubber is recycled into something that has a use for the longer time period.

With every invention, there are its positive as well as negative implementation as a pen can be used to write a beautiful story or poke someone else’s eyes! You need to know what is right and what is to be done! That’s when inventions truly are meaningful. The six inventions mentioned have their share of appraisal and criticism.

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Insane Inventions of 2017

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