6 Things Women Must Do For Themselves

This article is something every woman can relate to and face in their daily lifestyle. As much as it is a privilege being a woman, every day is a new challenge. And it is totally fine because it is a motivation to be better each day and fight for one more day. However, there are some days when you feel sad and gloomy even if you are not experiencing PMS. And there are other heartbreaking days. Nevertheless, whatever the reasons are, it is perfectly okay to feel that way as you are a human after all. And you are not alone! Most of us go through this; I do too.

The purpose of this article is not to make you dramatically happy in one day. The motive is to see yourself uplift each day, one step at a time and a little bit every day. Acceptance of negative emotions and its impact on self, and overcoming these emotions is very tough. Therefore, do not expect changes from day 1, have patience.

1. Stop Judging Yourself

Judging and criticising self is the cause that deteriorates self-esteem. When your self-esteem is low, you are not happy with being who you are which kills the love you have for yourself. So please stop doing that! We often hear people and all over social media about self-acceptance regardless of how we are and the choices we make. That’s true because when you are fine being yourself, that is where the spark of loving yourself begins.

2. Do The ‘Love Yourself’ Challenge

Social Media is full of ‘challenges’ that makes you post pictures of yourself, why do you do that? To show others on how interactive you are in the media even if you know, it means nothing in the end? Here is another one, but this time it is for yourself. ‘Love Yourself’ challenge is two weeks or three weeks challenge on a daily basis. It is super easy.

All you have to do is stand in front of the mirror and say three best lines for yourself. For instance, I did this challenge for 21 days, and each day I repeated to myself this: “You are the best. You know you can do this. I love you.” Trust me it boosts your self-confidence and how you look at yourself each day.

3. Understand The “Law Of Attraction”

The law of attraction here does not mean attracting people; the attraction is about positivity. The universe acts like a genie. You get what you feed your mind. If you think of positive things, you get positive results; if you think about negative things, you get negative results. Simple example, when you worry you are going to be late at work, you will end up getting late because of traffic or whatever reasons. But think this way, I will reach at work on time.

I am inspired by the book “The Secret” which has shown the proven the law of attraction. There is a video about the book too.

4. Breathe. Relax!

For your mental and physical well being, it is necessary that you relax and take rest adequately. The daily work and chores are tiresome which leads to physical and mental exhaustion. Make sure you relax while you are sleeping. Yoga and meditation are the best to relax. If you are lazy like I am, doing yoga every day seems impossible commitment. In such case, make sure you take long deep breaths now and then throughout the day. It not only fills your lungs with oxygen but keeps your mind fresh. But, I still stick to being committed to yoga.

5. Give Time To Yourself!

Be it a working woman or homemaker; the lives are equally busy. The schedule just will not allow time for you, which by the way should be a primary need. You need to spend some time alone with yourself, away from your partners and family, to process and figure out how your life is going and how you are carrying yourself. This will help gain peace of mind and sort out the events happening around you. It is like hitting the refresh button.

6. Pamper Yourself!

Being a little selfish and doing things that make you happy will not hurt anyone. It is necessary to take care of yourself because it allows you to share the love with others more. When you are happy and content with yourself, you can take care of people around you in the much better way. Go ahead and treat yourself with ice-cream; buy the bag you saw on sale; have that last piece of pizza. I know these are very little things. But little things make sense, and they matter.

There are a lot of opinions on being positive and bringing the best out of self. Indeed it is necessary, but at the same time, it is important not to be hard to self. Discipline is essential, but you need to take time to chill! Life is a challenge every day, and it is an opportunity too; to make a difference. Start the difference within you. Stay Happy Lovelies!

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