7 hobbies to restore your peace of mind!

Everyday life as an adult can be a hectic chaos. The stress that builds up from work conflicts and personal relationship problems can take a toll on one’s mind. It is really easy to let the negative thoughts get to you and affect your state of mind.

Once you let stress and anger get the best of you, it will not be long before you find yourself picking fights with the people around you, that too for the simplest of things. This makes life even more stressful and the cycle continues.

The best bet is to stop your negative emotions and channel it into something productive. And what is better than a hobby to help you restore your peace of mind each day? Check out these seven cheap hobbies that will be useful to relieve your stress.


The most inexpensive hobby to keep is running. While it might seem like it’ll be hard work, you don’t have to run like a professional. Just put your running shoes on and go running around your neighborhood at a pace that suits you. It is a hobby that lets you organize your thoughts and stay fit. So why not?


Try writing down your daily routine and thoughts on a notebook to help you let your stress out. All you need is a pen and paper. Using writing as a way of expression helps to pour out your pent up anger or stress. If you find that your writing is shareable, creating and maintaining a blog is a great hobby to keep. It is one of the hobbies that might turn into a profession or help you earn some extra money.

3. Photography

Photography wasn’t initially a very cheap hobby to invest in, but these days smartphones have replaced all cameras and can be used to learn photography. You don’t always need expensive DSLR cameras to begin with. You can use your smartphone to learn the basics and can later upgrade to better cameras, if you wish to.

4. Watercolor painting

More often than not, indulging in making or buying art is an expensive habit. Paintings, especially, cost a lot to make given the cost of the canvas and paints. But there are various kinds of painting techniques and some are cheaper than the others.

Watercolor painting is a very cheap but very soothing hobby to keep. All you require is a watercolor set and paper to get you started. With watercolors, it is best to go with the flow of the brush and let your imaginations come to life naturally. This helps to soothe your mind and leaves you feeling peaceful when you are done.

5. Origami

Origami is considered by some as folding papers into shapes. But it is much more than just that. It is a mix of art and science to create beautiful objects out of a sheet of paper. Simple origami can be a hobby but also remember that there are people recognized for their origami artwork over the world.

YouTube can be of much help when trying to learn origami. There are tutorials for the most basic to advanced levels of origami available on the internet. If you have internet available, what’s keeping you from starting origami?

6. Gardening

Gardening is a hobby that requires some hard work and a lot of patience. The amount of dedication that it takes to grow plants is surpassed by the immense joy felt while watching your plants grow from scratch. More so, you can choose to help your health and your pocket by growing organic pot plants such as tomatoes and chilies in your garden.

7. Painting pottery

While doing actual pottery might require investing in a set up, painting pottery is a cheap way to enjoy pottery. You can buy cheap pottery from your local store and paint it to make decorative house ware. You can also try painting on wood, stone or glass if you wish to expand your hobbies.



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