7 Jobs of the future that will be in high-demand by 2030!

By 2025, about five million jobs will be lost to automation and unemployment will be a greater concern that it has ever been. Most jobs that employ humans at present will be taken over by robots. Humans will be forced to find and even make new jobs for survival. With the development of newer technologies, the degrees that we hold today will be just another piece of paper.

To survive and make a living in a world that is yet to be discovered, one must try to think ahead and develop skills for solving problems of the future. Given that we can predict what kind of developments science and technology will make, we should try to equip ourselves with skills that will solve problems such changes will bring about.

Here are 10 jobs of the future that will be in high-demand by 2030!

1.Trash Engineer

With the human population that produces 2.6 billion pounds of waste annually increasing rapidly, there is no way all this waste can be recycled or dumped into landfills. To be able manage the trash that humans produce in an efficient manner, a Trash engineer will play a very important role for the future of the Earth.

A Trash engineer’s job is to find ways to convert the generated trash into recyclable clean energy or products. This job is definitely going to be in very high-demand given the climate crisis that the Earth is currently experiencing. That is, unless a meteor hits us and the entire trash generating human civilization vanishes!

2.Disaster Forecaster

With the frequency and intensity of disasters increasing by the year, the future holds a bright future for someone who can accurately forecast natural disasters such as earthquakes and tornadoes.

The job will be high-paying and highly satisfying as it will help to evacuate disaster prone areas before disaster hits. You will basically be a hero who saves lives of people who might become victims of disasters, if not for your superpower to predict disasters!

3. Memory Surgeon

This job is yet to be introduced in the market but has a very high chance of being one of the most sought after positions. The service of removing unpleasant memories, memories related to bad behavior or mental illnesses will be the job of a memory surgeon. With increasing crime rates and mental illness problems, this job is set to pay high salary in the future and save the world from negativity, if performed flawlessly!

4. Organ Creator

The awareness regarding organ donation is at the bare minimum while the need for organs is the highest ever. Every 12 minutes, a new name is added to the waiting list of patients waiting to receive organs from donors. Recently, it was discovered that the problem can be solved by creating, actually 3D printing, organs from stem cells outside of the body.

Within a few years, it will be the job of an organ creator to make human organs out of stem cells or materials that don’t yet exist. The job will be difficult, but once mastered, will be worth the investment you make into it now!

5. Personal Productivity Person

In order to keep up with the upcoming automated workforce, humans must be as productive and efficient as possible. However, given the long list of distractions that the internet provides us with, being efficient is a true challenge. Apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are major distractions while working towards any goals.

To keep all of us focused despite such distractions, people will require personal productivity persons who will be analyzing people’s daily lives and scheduling their day in such a manner that distractions are minimized and productivity is enhanced.

6. Commercial Space Pilot

With the ongoing race between Elon Musk and Richard Branson towards the space, civilian space exploration is a thing of very near future. People will be given space rides for a certain payment. The only problem here is about who will fly the spacecraft around the space. NASA has already announced the crew for the first commercial space flights.

The person will have a responsibility of managing a spacecraft along with the many people on board. The job requires someone with the experience of an astronaut and requires a lot of knowledge regarding spacecrafts. If you are keen on space exploration and aviation, this is the job to consider and train for!

7.Alternative Energy Consultant

The reserve of fossil fuels on our planet Earth is bound to run out at some point in time, and people will go into panic looking for alternatives of energy sources. There are solar, wind and hydro electricity alternatives to fuels but the question is what type is suitable for your country, region and price range.

It is the job of an alternative energy consultant to assess the energy needs of various places and try to help people all around the world to tackle the shortage of energy sources.



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