7 Logical reasons for turning into a vegetarian!

Overweight people who maintained a vegetarian low-fat diet lost 24 pounds in the first year.

I have known people who were vegetarians turn into meat-lovers and meat-lovers turn into people who can’t think of taking a bite of non-vegetarian food ever again!

While the obvious reason for opting to start eating meat is that the taste is over the top and it is jam-packed with proteins, there is no saying what particular reason creates the urge in a person to quit eating meat once and for all.

In the recent years, there is an increase in the trend of turning vegetarian, and even more surprisingly, turning vegan. Whether it is for health reasons or heightened concern about animal lives and the environment, there are people opting for the no-meat zone each day.

Take a look at these logical reasons that show turning into a vegetarian might actually be a good choice!

1.Prevent heart conditions

A purely vegetarian meal, on average, consists of less saturated fat and cholesterol than a meat enriched meal, which are contributors to a range of heart conditions. By cutting meat out of your diet, you reduce your risks of having a heart condition drastically. Meat-eaters have a 50% chance of having heart diseases as compared to only 15% of vegetarians.

2. Slow down the aging process

You may argue that a vegetarian lifestyle cannot fulfill one’s nutrient requirements, but in reality it increases your immune system by removing bad toxins and fats from your body. The fiber-enriched diet detoxifies your body and helps to slow the aging process. This includes the aging of your skin, muscles and organs, which is why it has been found that vegetarians on average live six years longer than non-vegetarians.

3.Lose weight in the long run

Maintaining a vegetarian diet has been found to be linked to weight-loss and better success at keeping the weight off your body in the long run. Consuming meat over a long time accumulates fat and cholesterol, which contribute to weight gain. In a study by Dr. Dean Ornish, it has been  found that overweight people who maintained a vegetarian low-fat diet lost 24 pounds in the first year, without even counting calories, and kept it off for five years.

4. Avoid toxic chemicals

To meet the increasing meat demands, animals are injected with various chemicals and hormones to speed up their growth. These toxic chemicals are transferred to our bodies when consumed. To prevent toxic chemicals from entering our bodies, vegetarian meals are a good alternative to meat!

5. Help climate change

Animal gas-emissions amount to 78% of all food-related greenhouse gas emissions. Breeding animals also require a huge amount of crop-feed and water resources. If consumption of meat increases in the current rate, the ecosystem will stagger and climate change will take place rapidly. By decreasing the demands of meat, production demands for meat will decrease and hence, the climate change concern will be helped.

6. Save fresh water resources

Fresh water resources are depleting at an alarming rate due to dumping of toxic chemicals  and pollution of water resources. More water can be saved by not consuming a pound of meat than by not showering for six months.


At a time where fresh water is not readily available for drinking, 4000 gallons of water per day are required to produce meat-based food for a person. Contrarily, only 300 gallons of water are needed for preparing vegetarian meals. By consuming less meat, you save water everyday and help to conserve fresh water for the future.

7. Help animal rights

Animals, especially cattle, are raised under harsh conditions, injected with unnatural hormones and slaughtered using different techniques to meet the human population’s demands of meat consumption. Most people turn vegetarian because they want to help animal rights and give them a better life than they are currently subjected to.

Videos of animal slaughter and cruelty on the internet are plentiful and enough to make any person remorseful about consuming animals. To help animal rights, turning vegetarian seems to be the necessary step for most of us.


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