Six Pointless but Cool Apps to help you kill time!

Since the 2008, when the first I-phone was launched, there has been a 61% increase in the number of smartphone users. This jump from 17% to 78% in the smartphone consumers is partly due to the internet. The average adult is said have spent 3 hours and 35 minutes on their mobiles in 2018. Within this time, apps amount to 90% of the time spent on the internet. An individuals’s top app takes half of the time and the top five apps take 90% of the time spent on smartphones.

Speaking of apps, the owners of smartphones have grown to be very dependent on apps for day-to-day tasks. Alarms, clocks, calculators and maps are prime examples of apps that are an inseparable part of an individual’s life. In case of social media connections, Instagram, Facebook, Viber, Whatsapp and twitter are the most used apps that help us undertake our everyday tasks by providing a stable medium of communication.

Apart from apps that are actually useful to people, there are apps available on the play store which have no particular purpose to fulfill. They have been developed by the developers who had leisure time on their hands and for the people who have enough time to kill time on their smartphones.

Here are six Pointless but cool apps to help you kill time!

  1. Virtual Cigarette App

This app allows you to smoke cigarettes for free by blowing on the microphone. These cigarettes come in different brands, shapes and sizes allowing you to smoke according to your preference. The faster you blow on the microphone, the faster the cigarette burns. This app is definitely useful who want to kill time smoking virtual cigarettes with zero effects on health.

2. Virtual Beer AppThis app is similar to the virtual cigarette app and provides you a range of beers to select from when you feel like drinking. It is a drink simulator that helps you to feel like you are chilling in a bar with an option of beers and cool drinks to choose from. This app too has no real purpose other than helping you to pointlessly waste your time away; pretty much like what a beer does!

3. Electric Shaver

The electric shaver app is an app that shows the picture of an electric shaver on your screen and gives a live camera view as the background. The app is complete with the sound of a hair trimmer and is complete with vibration. The app is mostly used to scare someone as placing the phone on someone’s skin or hair while using the app makes it feel like a real trimmer in most instances.

4. Anti-mosquito sound simulator

An app that was developed to fight mosquitoes with its anti-mosquito sound simulator. Of course, the world has run out of all mosquito-repellents and must rely on an app that beeps to protect against mosquito bites. Exactly why the app landed on this list.

5. Poop Log

An app that helps you track your poop record is finally here and being used by people around the world. To evaluate your every day bowel movements, the app lets you log in everything from the location, color, shape, size, prior discomfort  and urgency of your poop. It also lets you review your poop using charts and create reports to share with others. The purpose of the app is to help your understand your poop and effortlessly waste time on the toilet seat.

6. Useless


An app that does absolutely nothing and yet, has garnered more than 100,000 users. The description of the app states that it is the world’s first multi-unfunctional app. Pretty useless, you could say!


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