8 Ultimate Guidelines For Personal Branding

Personal branding plays an essential role determining the success of an individual and organization. Indeed, self-potential and qualities contribute highly, but it has to be empowered by the perception of other people; the way other people look at, value, thinks and talks about you. What people perceive about you is crucial to determine how far you can move forward and succeed.

A brand is fundamentally a promise that you made to deliver and keep towards the person you are trying to influence. When it comes to decision making, people decide emotionally backed by logical judgments for justifying their choice. Therefore, one should associate these aspects while developing individual identity and value. Brand begins with the value proposition. Establish a good value and people will be ready to pay more willingly and argue less for it.

Always begin with a good brand value be it quality, excellence, leadership, responsiveness or delivery, whatever you stand for. The key idea for personal branding is maintaining the principle of Integrity. It means, always fulfils what you have promised for that you need to do what you ought. Do all and everything that is necessary to stand up for your words. There is no greater reputation than people, who do business with you, say that you deliver what you assure.

Now there are basic 8 laws for establishing your brand. These laws are very generic in nature, you are familiar with it, but you might miss out on some of them, hence, always make sure you remember them like a mantra.

1. Specialization

Building a brand starts with having a specific purpose. There has to be one and only one area of defined achievement just like a laser beam. It could be the line of work, emphasis on community, product or anything that is relevant to the business. When you try to focus on different aspects, you generally get lost and so does your potential customer. You have to be clear where you want your strength to be so that it becomes your ultimate identity. Other things count, but they behave in the background as a supporter of your main idea.

2. Leadership

You have to be recognized as one of the most respected and knowledgeable individuals in your field of expertise. Leadership is important so that people know your position and that buys you credibility for the organization you are associated with. People associate you with your brand, so always maintain your expertise along with leadership in the field.


3. Personality

It is necessary to build your brand around your personality having a clear understanding of all your strengths, good aspects as well as flaws. That way, you are able to develop consistently. You want people to be recognized for what you are and associate your brand in a similar way.

4. Distinctiveness

Distinctiveness is the key to standout of the crowd and creates an image different to that of competitors. You might be serving in the area where there is competition, but there has to be a difference in how you express; uniqueness in delivery becomes the key. You need to show your potential customer on the difference in value addition in comparison to existing brands.


5. Utility

Utility associates with consistency in how you behave behind closed doors and how you present yourself to the public. For instance, how you treat your employees and how people outside your company looks at you. The behaviour behind closed doors and the public brand has to be the same. When people look at you, they should be able to tell that you are the same inside out. This plays a key role in shaping their perception so that there is no dissonance.

6. Persistence

Persistence means consistency on what you are to deliver. Once you have established a brand, stay determined to build up the brand ignoring any trends or fads that may distract you with their attractiveness and attention. This is because, in the long run, you are what you develop in the core system. hence, stick to what you initially decided and strategise on the same.


7. Visibility

Visibility is crucial so that you are always in the game and visible in the market. You have to be seen repetitively. Thus, networking and getting involved in different activities is important that enhances your chances of recommendations. When you are visible representing your brand, people will remember you more often. This is also valid for individuals who are constantly working towards building their networks.

8. Goodwill

Goodwill is important so that you are able to retain the customers you have acquired and a positive word of mouth is spread which becomes your strength. People need to admire you for the efforts and value you add to their lives. The more you are perceived as well-intentioned, the more is the inflow and loyalty towards you. Word-of-mouth is one of the key aspects that determine brand determination.

List out four to five keywords that you want yourself to be recognized for, and then chose the one ultimate word around which you want to establish and grow. Think it this way, three to four years down the line, how do you want yourself to be recognized by people? This is very necessary as it gives you a sense of direction on the following actions you will take enhancing yourself.

Creating a brand is relatively easy as compared to maintaining it because you have to struggle to keep it consistent. Therefore, your task is to do your job persistently, every day and improve each day.


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