A Boy Who Saw The World Upside Down

Mahendra a young boy had his head hanging upside down at 180 degrees

Life has a lot of things in store for us. Some have it easier whereas for some it just gets harder and harder. The same goes for a young boy, Mahendra Ahirwar whose life was full of extremity and hardships with the burden of being different.

Being different is always not a thing that people usually sought for. It has a huge price to pay. Being different also does not always indicate something good. It sometimes designates a state of forlorn and despairs.

Mahendra was from Madhya Pradesh, India .For this little boy, life was never about happiness and bright colors. For him it was solely about endurance and hope. A hope that everything will turn out well and a hope that he will be just fine.

Mahendra, a 13 year old boy, had a severe condition of Congenital Myopathy that caused his head to hang upside down in 180 degrees.

Congenital Myopathy is basically a broader term for muscle disorder. This is present from the birth. This is why Mahendra right from infancy was saggy and had difficulty in breathing. He also lagged behind other children in normal developmental milestones.

Due to his head turning down his neck and hanging, he had difficulties in turning over and sitting up. Even after numerous doctor visits and medication, no one was able to help the poor boy.

However, in order to justify the fact that there are few good people in the world as well, a ray of light was shone on Mahesh and his family. A kind lady called Julie Jones, decided to help the little boy after coming across his tragic story.

A mother of two from Liverpool, when found about the condition of Mahendra decided to help by means of using a crowd funding website. She created an account which went on to raise £12,000 within 28 days of the page being set up.

This small initiative taken by Jones went on to become the greatest source of happiness for Mahendra as the amount was good enough to pay for Mahendra’s surgery.

When Julie Jones finally met Mahesh and his family, her kind action was heartily appreciated by Mahendra’s mother who happened to cry when they first came face to face. The encounter happened at the hospital where Mahendra was getting ready for his surgery.

Dr. Rajagopalan Krishnan successfully completed the surgery in the February of 2016. In order to straighten the boy’s neck a metal plate was fit in his neck after extracting his neck’s disks and substituting them with bone draft from his pelvis.

Although he had to wear a neck brace, he was able to go to school. He was in fact overjoyed when he started going to school. This enabled him to experience a little bit of normalcy in his life as he always had been labeled as different. Different from others, different from all.

However, this happiness was there just for a short while as only after 8 months of the surgery, the young boy bid the world a sorrowful goodbye. His departure was dismay. Everybody, including Mahendra’s parents and doctor was shocked by his sudden death.

According to Dr. Krishnan, the cause of death happened to be because of a massive cardiac or some sort of pulmonary event. Though there are no premonitory symptoms in such cases.

Whatever the cause may be, his departure was a great loss as the young kid had big dreams in his eye and the brightest smile ever that were able to cure any disease. Sadly it was unable to cure his own malady.

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