Abu Dhabi: Magical City

If you want to explore the spectacular architecture, rich culture, great museums, delicious food and religious traditions, Abu Dhabi is the place for you

Abu Dhabi is a magical city situated on an island off the Persian Gulf from the central western coast.
Amongst seven emirates, this city is the largest, beautiful and most popular destination. It is a blend of
strong Arabic culture harbored into a cosmopolitan city and it is full of fancy restaurants, luxury stores
and bars. If you want to explore the spectacular architecture, rich culture, great museums, delicious
food and religious traditions, Abu Dhabi is the place for you. Its an excellent place for travelers to visit
for a day, accumulate in their culture and get a taste of the United Arab Emirates.

Settlements in Abu Dhabi traced back to as far as over 5000 years ago. The inhabitants have been found
around parts of Abu Dhabi such as Jebel Hafeet near Al Ain and on the island of Umm Al Nar. One of the
prominent inhabitation of people in Abu Dhabi was those of the Bani Yas Bedoiun tribe. They were
located by the coast around the 16th Century and early history which fits the concept of nomadic
herding and fishing pattern, typical of the broader region. During the rule of Sheikh Zayed bin Khalifa,
Abu Dhabi immensely developed through the trading of pearls. In 1892 there was establishment of the
very first exclusive treaty linking Abu Dhabi with the Great Britain. The location of the emirates was seen
as a perfect strategic convenience connecting it with India and the east, and it was established as the
Trucial coast.

Today, the culture of the emirate is strongly implanted within the Islamic traditions of Arabia. There are
mosques scattered all around the city. Abu Dhabi welcomes all kinds of nationalities and cultures, as
long as they do not imperil the Islamic religion. The city has changed dramatically in the last 40 years by
foreign influences, but the people of Abu Dhabi still endorse old traditions and continue to promote
their cultures. The younger generations are also made aware of their prosperous heritage.

Abu Dhabi has been actively conducting sporting events such as camel racing and dhow sailing. Along
with this, cultural events such as Arabic poetry, music and dances are also popular. As the cultural heart
of the UAE, it has enthusiastically marketed the cultural heritages and sporting events representing its

The modern capital of U.A.E. represents a captivating mixture of tradition and progression. Abu Dhabi
maintains a distinctly Arabian spirit rather than flamboyant Dubai. Taxi is a safe and reliable way to visit
sites such as The White Fort, The Corniche Park, the Heritage Village and Womens Craft Centre which
offers glimpses into ancient Bedouin life.

The White Fort: One of the main historical attraction and the oldest building in the capital of UAE. It is
located on Hamdan Street and this museum concentrates on highlighting the culture and history of the

The Corniche Park: It has been named the best public park in the world which is based on the views
along with reviews of the public about its facilities, services, composed environment as well as safety,
security standards and public health in place.

Heritage Village: This reconstructed village is one of the few places to get insight into the pre-oil era of
the United Arab Emirates. This village represents all the elements of traditional Gulf life which includes a
souq to trade goats for dates with friendly neighbors, fort to repel invaders from the sea and a mosque
as a reminder of the central part that Islam plays in daily life.

Women’s Art Centre: This centre is a creative initiative taken by Abu Dhabi Womens Association
which serves as a showcase for crafts and local arts. Its a small museum which explores and learns
about local artists and handiwork. The round buildings near the museum are workshops where female
artists display distinctive handmade souvenirs, Arabian oils, local dress, incense, weaving and silver
thread work.

Other interesting sights of Abu Dhabi that can be experienced are:

Abu Dhabi Falcon Hospital: Falcons are an intrinsic part of the traditional Gulf culture, no expense is
spared in restoring these glorious birds back to full health.

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi: You need to experience a ride in the worlds fastest roller coaster, Formula
Rossari World. It is a temple of torque and it is a celebration of all kind of things of Ferrari in a
breathtaking building.

Founder’s Memorial: This memorial celebrates the life and achievements of Sheik Zayed, the founding
father of the United Arab Emirates. After six years of planning and construction, it was inaugurated in
April 2018.

Umm Al Emarat Park: This is a poignant memorial park dedicated to the infamous words of Sheik Zayed.
It is a three-floored shade-house with astounding views. The park has a botanical garden and an outdoor
performing-arts venue and an animal barn.

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