Adventurous combinations of foods for you to try!

Getting experimental with food is not an average person’s game. People usually prefer to follow the traditional ways of eating food items that are guaranteed to taste good as they have gone through much trial and error. Occasionally, we come across people who like to mix food items from drastically different sections for a change. We all know people who cannot live without ketchup or one who needs to have a glass of milk with every meal.

To our disgust, and amusement, there are people who have tried very weird sounding and looking food combinations that made the internet cringe. Some turned out to be pretty tasty although underestimated previously. If you are in a mood of getting adventurous with your food, try a few of the given 8 weird combinations of food.

1.Cereal and Orange

A very daring combination of cereals and orange juice, which probably tastes quite fine once you are over the looks of the dish to help you kick start the day. While cereal is mixed with milk to soften it, people are finding orange juice to be quite a fine alternative to milk for making themselves a bowl of cereals.

2. Peanut-Butter Pickle sandwich

A peanut butter pickle sandwich is a bigger thing than we would have imagined. Many people have tried the combination and developed a liking for it. The distinct taste of peanut butter with the crunchy sourness of pickles is exactly what you should try to get your energy level up. Better yet, add some ketchup or sriracha sauce for extra spiciness.

3. Cheetos with milk

If cereals could be taken with orange juice, what is to stop people from trying Cheetos with milk? This weird combination of a spicy snack with milk is getting attention from people for tasting better than it looks. Or could it be that the milk is there to help with the spice?

4. Chocolate/ M&M’s topped cheese pizza

Two rich tastes of chocolate and cheese might come together to create a greater taste than expected. Although far away from the traditional savory taste of a pizza, the change might be good upgrade for those who like to indulge in chocolate and cheese.

5.Fries in ice-cream or honey

Usually paired with ketchup or mayonnaise, fries are also said to taste great when paired with ice-cream or honey. People who have a sweet teeth particularly will like the combination more than others. Either way, you have to open your mind to all possibilities to truly live the foodie life.

6. Vanilla ice-cream with soy sauce

This combination sounds the weirdest but the combination of sweet and salty give your taste-buds a ride it wont regret.

7. Popcorn with ketchup

You’ve tried popcorn with cheese and you’ve tried popcorn with caramel, but what you should try is popcorn with ketchup. The ketchup gives popcorn a tangy taste. Although it looks sticky and might irritate your fingers, it will certainly be a treat to your tongue.

8. Scrambled eggs with fruit jam/jelly

Substituting ketchup on scrambled eggs with fruit jelly/jam, of any kind, is an idea that actually works better than you would expect it to. The combination might look weird, but it is definitely worth a try.


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