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Amazing Guinness World Records Broken By Indian Groups

  1. 1 Largest tug of war tournament

    An annual city sports festival in Gujarat was awarded a Guinness World Records title for the Largest Tug of War Tournament. In February 2016, 4672 people participated in the “Khel Mahakumbha” organized by District Administration

    In their record application, a spokesperson told Guinness World Records: “Our attempt is to drive home a message to all that participation and competition in sports paves the way for a united, fitter and healthier nation.”

  2. 2 Most people holding the abdominal plank position

    On International Girl Child Day, The #DoYou campaign was launched with the aim to inspire confidence in women all over the world. As part of the #DoYou campaign, PUMA Sports India Pvt. Ltd. attempted (and achieved) a Guinness World Records title to show that women are empowered and strong.

     The event took place at JIO Garden, BKC, Mumbai, Maharashtra on November 6 2016 and saw 1,623 females successfully achieve the record for Most People Holding the Abdominal Plank Position.

    Officiating the challenge was Guinness World Records judge Rishi Nath, who made sure that the position was maintained for at least 60 seconds and was being done correctly.

  3. 3 Largest Yoga lesson

    On international Yoga day, June 21 2017, an astonishing 54,522 participants took a yoga lesson led by yoga guru Rishi Swami Ramdev ji Maharajat the GMDC Ground in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.

    The massive event was organised by the Department of Sports, Youth and Cultural Activities, Government of Gujarat and Patanjali Yogpeeth with the aim of getting young people into the physical and spiritual practice.

  4. 4 Most trees planted in 12 hours

    India committed under the Paris Agreement to increasing its forests by five million hectares before 2030 to combat climate change. As part of the agreement, 1.5 million volunteers participated in a huge plantation campaign to plant 66.3 million trees in 12 hours in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The plantation took place on July 2nd 2017 between 7am and 7pm. 20 different species of trees were planted.

  5. 5 Largest T-shirt

    Mumbai-based company, Plastindia Foundation set the world record for the world's Largest T-shirt on 5 January 2018. The t-shirt is made entirely from waste plastic bottles. The Indian company recycled 200,000 used PET bottles, which were then crushed and processed into fibre to create 4,000 kg of cloth. The project took 45 days to complete and was an attempt to signify the importance of recycling. The t-shirt was 96.86 m long and 69.77 m wide.

“Arrey Wah” Indians

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