Amazing things that will happen in the next 5 seconds

By the time you blink again, these amazing things will have happened!

There are countless amazing things that will have happened by the time you have blinked again. By the time you have finished reading this sentence, these amazing things will have happened twice, or thrice.

Our day consists of 24 long hours and we move through the day wrapped up in our own little bubbles, working, playing or resting at our own pace. We forget that 24 hours have minutes and seconds within them that bring with them various changes around the world that usually go unnoticed.

The average person blinks once every 5 seconds and here you will learn about 10 more things that are going to happen simultaneously by the time you have blinked again.

The world population increases by an average of 13 people every 5 seconds.

Each 5 seconds, 21 babies come into this world and 9 people leave the world. This makes the net world head count increase by 13 every 5 seconds.

Lightning strikes the earth around 500 times every five seconds.

Stale breaking news: 1000 places on earth were struck by lightning in the past 10 seconds.

4,645 barrels of oil are used in the world every 5 seconds.

There is a reason why the oil resources are running out of mines, and time.

1860 people search for porn every 5 seconds.

Are you among the 1860 people who searched for porn in the past 5 seconds? Bet not, since you are still reading this sentence that takes longer than 5 seconds to read.

1.5 people around the globe, with 1 being a child, die of starvation every 5 seconds.

The next time you feel like you can’t eat anymore and want to throw food away, think again of the child that has already died because they did not have the food that’s on your plate!

The universe expands by 46 miles every 5 seconds.

Whoever says they need space should be told to go get some of the space that the universe is giving out for free!

35,000 coca-colas are consumed every 5 seconds.

To think that Coca-Cola sold only 25 bottles in its first year gives me all the hope that I need in my life.

205,000 facebook posts, 4050 instagram photos, 17 million emails and 23000 tweets are updated every 5 seconds.

No wonder the internet has helped people become some of the richest to walk this earth right now!

Bill Gates gets richer by $1250, Oprah’s wealth increases by $50 and Nike’s sales increases by $3000 while the average person makes $0.001 every five seconds.

What a rich and what a poor world!

500,000 chemical reactions happen in each of your body cells every 5 seconds.

Time to thank your body for keeping you alive while you blink once again!

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