Why America truly deserves Trump

No other American could in actuality represent the American population better than Trump himself.

To “Make America Great Again” was the slogan that our dear American President Donald Trump used in his 2016 election campaigns and has been very enthusiastically carrying forward.


We will never dare to deny that Trump is indeed playing a vital role in making America great again.

Because, say what you will, somebody has to take the responsibility of breaking down what is left of America so it can be, apparently, great again.

When Trump was sworn into Presidency at the White House, we could not believe how stupid of a nation America was (not that Donald didn’t try to warn us about it beforehand). Our fellow American citizenry decided to invite the sexist, racist, “not-so-feminist” but “a very stable genius” Trump into power.


Despite his various attempts to prove that all he is capable of are locker room talks, he desperately failed to convince the American population that running the White House is not something that people who think they can grab women by the pussy should do.

Regardless of whether or not Trump deserves to be the President of the unassumingly most powerful nation in the world, there remains little doubt that America does truly deserve Trump.

It seems as though no other American could in actuality represent the American population better than Trump himself. His demeanor as the President are a stark- mirror reflection of how America has conducted itself since time beyond ages.

If you have had a fickle mind about the worthiness of Trump in the White House, we are here to change your mind for you.

America abolished slavery in 1865 and a century and a half into the abolishment, white Americans have found a way to still keep the black codes alive. It cannot truly be said that slavery was re-instituted as it was indeed re-instituted in all but its name.

Where homeless and unemployed newly freed black slaves were arrested, where poll taxes and literacy exams were used to deny black people their voting rights, in 2018, the newly found America uses police as their weapon against non-white Americans.

The frequencies of police being called on black people and black men shot over minor disputes have increased by many folds. The reason clearly being nothing other than them being black or not-white, are accompanied by foolish explanations such as a black child supposedly grabbing someone’s ass, a black student sleeping in the common dormitory of his university, a black man entering his own residence, a black family cooking out in public and lord knows a black person doing what else.


Black people are shot for being intoxicated in their garage, for reaching for their license that the cops asked for, for playing with a toy gun, for running. In other words, they are shot because they are black or not white.

Basically, racist traits have been present in the white Americans before Trump was even born. So no, it’s not just Trump this time. The whole of white America wanted this, and Trump is giving it to them.


Trump and his supporters are also in sync about the thought that women should be treated like shit. After all, the word woman is synonymous to fat, pig, dog, slob and disgusting animals all at once.


Women in America are buildings who are no more fun after they are successful and yes, maybe all women should stop working since the sole purpose of the existence of women is to make life entertaining for men with 130 grand affairs. Wow. I guess men in America would not have anything to worry about if they have beautiful young asses that are not their daughters.


It is common in America that sexual assault victims are blamed for being assaulted. The women’s skanky clothes, intoxicated state and inability to fight back are taken as an invitation by men to engage in forced sexual activity.

What were they thinking while drinking with such clothes on if not about how much they want to be raped? And what were they thinking reporting the assaulter? It is not like they were going to be charged and jailed for life. The judges of America have stopped believing in punishment long ago.


The great dispute over the Mexican wall and deportation of immigrants, all the while detaining their kids who have not yet gained consciousness of nationality, would not have been any different without Trump. Trump cannot be anymore right when he says that immigrants are taking American jobs.


Look at the descendant of a German immigrant married to a Slovenian immigrant who is ruling the White House and inventing rules to scrap other immigrants off the face of America. It has been America who has sacrificed so much economically for the migrants that kicking them out will surely help them gain job opportunities by shifting them to the working class from the white-collar jobs they currently hold. Pure genius!

The massive gun attacks carried out in America are surely being tackled head on by Trump. He is doing the best he can to solve the gun terror among schools and clubs by pointing out how Paris’s gun laws could not prevent its 2015 attack despite being the toughest in the world.


Also, he has made a very wise decision of stating the need to train and arm teachers in schools to prevent future shootings. The thought of increasing the age-limit for gun-purchase was discarded as soon as it was introduced. Guns are for the safety of the American people and gun-free zones are dangerous, as rightly said by the President.


Not to forget, the media has given Trump such a good covfefe despite his continuous degrading behavior towards various journalists. The losers who ask the President stupid questions were called very unpatriotic because they fulfilled their duty of giving negative coverage to the administration despite its amazing positive results!


It is, without a doubt, the media that is the fool because they did not believe Russian President Vladimir Putin over America’s intelligence regarding Russia’s election interference. What a pack of fools, seriously!


That’s what it is like in America: everybody who does their job is either stupid or an enemy to the nation. America, on its way to become great again, needs a genius to lead them and definitely, Trump is nothing if not a genius!


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