Animal Brutality At It’s Worst: Calves Dipped In Bitumen

They were severely burnt because some workers of the road construction project of Kathmandu’s Ring Road poured hot bitumen over the poor calves.

Human beings claim to be the most intelligent living beings taking up all the power in their hands.

They have made sure that the world and everything in it run the way they want to.

People claim to have feelings and let the world know that they’re fighting for what’s right.

We can see efforts being made around the world where people are fighting for the voiceless. Yet, human beings don’t fail to make us realize how inhumane they can be just to get what they want and make things work their way.

Same is the case with Nepal and the people of Nepal.

This is a place where people worship cows as the incarnation of goddess Laxmi and whenever they see one they don’t forget to bow their heads.

And to say that the people of this country would treat their goddess so viciously and brutally might surprise you.

It is a common sighting of bulls and stray dogs walking around the streets of Kathmandu as well as other cities and villages in Nepal.

Sometimes people hit them with their vehicles and get them severely injured or killed yet people don’t say or do a thing.


Maybe they’re animals and they can’t have feelings like people do, right?

Recently there came a case so severe and inhumane that your eyes might fill up and start flowing when you see the actual footage.

On June 24, 2018, an animal care charity called Sneha’s Care, an animal rescue and charity came across two severely injured and burnt female calves.

They were severely burnt because some workers of the road construction project of Kathmandu’s Ring Road poured hot bitumen over the poor calves.

According to the locals of the area, the workers of a Chinese road construction company working in the road construction of the Ring Road Area of Kathmandu intentionally poured hot bitumen over the bodies of the calves who were present on the construction site.

Maybe they were trying to chase them off but that in no way means you should pour such hot bitumen over animals who can’t even express their feeling.

This is not the first time this has happened. There are many cases where people disregard the fact that they are animals and they torture them by throwing hot liquid or even acid at times.

Sneh’s care has been very active when it comes to rescuing these stray animals who’ve been hurt and left alone in the streets to suffer.

They have been actively involved in giving them treatments and finding them a proper home.

Who’s To Blame?

The first one to blame for things like this is the people who do it.

It is to blame those inhumane and a shame of a human race that can even think of hurting these poor animals whose only mistake was to exist.

Secondly, the blame goes to the people who own or used to own these animals but now they don’t feel they’re important anymore and they leave them out on the street and abandon them.

And lastly, the government who despite knowing the fact that tortures like this exist don’t feel the need to provide a proper residence for these stray animals who roam around the street searching for food, water, and shelter.

Getting back to the story, the calves are actually recovering from a critical condition after an intense treatment.

Sneha’s Care posted a series of photos of the animals and their recovering process.

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