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Bangladeshi Students Protest Over Road Safety

Thousands of outraged school and college students laid siege or blockade on the streets of Dhaka demanding road safety across the country.

On 29 July, there was a bus accident in Bangladesh’s congested capital Dhaka which killed two teens.

The two teens including a boy and a girl were killed by speeding bus last Sunday.

Due to this accident, thousands of outraged school and college students laid siege or blockade on the streets of Dhaka demanding road safety across the country.

These students have been out on Dhaka’s roads stopping traffic and checking vehicles and drivers.

After a week of youth protests, authorities have fired tear gas at students leading to violent clashes between the authorities and students.

In response to the protest, the government has blocked the mobile internet access service for 24 hours.

Reported by ruling Awami League party members, a number of journalists were also beaten and had their cameras taken away.

On the seventh day of the youth protest about road safety, around 25 students have been injured in the clashes.

In recent days, transport workers has staged their own strike. At the mean – time, the government has urged students to return to their class – rooms.

A female reporter alleged on social media that she had been molested while trying to take the video of the clashes going on.

Students have been calling for more effective enforcement of traffic laws and as a result have blocked major intersections in Dhaka.

Young teens aged 13 have been checking licenses of the drivers of cars and buses before letting them drive on.

According to a report, last year more than 4200 people were killed in road accidents throughout Bangladesh.

Bangladesh’s home minister stated, “Law enforcers are showing patience. It does not mean that they will keep crossing the limit and we will sit idle and watch.”

The United Nations are worried for the safety of the children, students and the young people who are caught up in the protests.

US officials stated that on Saturday night, armed men attacked a convoy of cars carrying the US envoy to Bangladesh.

The political activists belonging to the governing party are beating the protestors marching towards their offices.

These protestors have ignored repeated calls from the government asking them to return home.

They agreed to go back to classes only if the authorities assured them to meet their respective demands.

Along with the students, the journalists are also being attacked for filming the protest and their equipment’s are being destroyed.

This move by the students is an attempt to limit the ability of reckless car, bus, truck and other vehicle drivers to speed on the busy road killing pedestrians on the way.

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