The Beautiful Rainbow River of Columbia

The stunning views of the river never leave a chance to take your breath away

The Caño Cristales River in Columbia is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of the world. The river with the inflow of five colors shows the real picture of serenity and tranquility in the best way possible.

The Rainbow River is often called the “liquid rainbow” or the “river of five colors”. The river is located in Serrania de la Macarena which is an isolated mountain range located in the Meta Department, Columbia.

The stunning views of the river never leave a chance to take your breath away.  The magnificent river turns into variety of coruscating colors like yellow, green, blue, red and black.

The hues of red, blue, green, black and yellow makes the river look poised and composed at its best.

What makes the river colorful?

The river turns into kaleidoscope colors between July to November. The river weed called the “Macarenia Clavigera” is the reason why the river turns into a beautiful river transcending into the liquid rainbow.

The plant Marcarenia Clavigera lies at the bottom of the river. It blossoms only for those few months when the water level and sunlight is just the right standard for the plant.

During the rest of the year, the river kind of takes a break. The beautiful river just scintillates grey color and some subliminal shades of green here and there.

The Macarenia Clavigera blossoms four months in a year only that is why the beautiful river is seen just for four months in a year.

The aquatic flora and corals as well as the red plant tend to get stuck to the rocks thus forming a miscellany of beautiful shades of color under the water surface.

The Rainbow River is a true extravagance which proves to be a great destination for tourists. The temperature around the year varies from low to average i.e. 21-23°C and to high as well i.e. 26-32°C.

The place was earlier closed for tourists due to guillera activities nearby. Fortunately, after the Columbian military controlled a 30 km area around La Macarena, the river was made accessible for the tourists to visit.

When tourists travel to the river there are some stern rules that need to be followed by everyone. Cigarettes are banned. Tourists are abstained from feeding the fishes. Followed by no treading on the aquatic plants and finally no plastic water bottles to be thrown or littered in the area.

Also for people who wish to swim in the astounding river, they are not allowed to use sun screens or any insect repellant.


The tourism season in Caño Cristales is sadly quite short i.e. from July to November. From September onwards, it is the apt time to visit as there are fewer downpours.

Rain can silent the colors in the river. Moreover, there is no guarantee that the visitors will see all of the famous five colors.

According to few visitors, it is the color blue which gets eluded the most.

For a place that is still fairly new to tourism, the “Rainbow River” has blazed its way down the community tourism route, all thanks to its beauty and artistry.

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