Beds That Make 100 Sexual Positions Possible.

Sex, besides being a means of procreation is also a form of pleasure that many people seek. But in order to get pleasure during sex a lot of factors play an important role. One of those is how comfortable the bed you’re lying in while making love.

The beds we usually sleep in differs in the level of comfort. Some might like it hard while some prefer soft bouncy beds. Yet your bed, while making love might not match the level of comfort you’re looking for. But that is all about to change. Gaurav Singh, an IIT Alumnus has come up with beds that make 100 sexual positions and more possible.

Gaurav designed beds called “LoveRollers” which are specially built to help couples achieve their fantasies in bed. The LoveRollers come in three different designs that help people perform over 100 sexual positions with ease. In addition, it also helps couples conceive, relax muscle pain, and PMs Cramps.

Who Is Gaurav Singh?

Gaurav is a 33-year-old IIT Delhi alumnus who worked as a management consultant for different manufacturing companies. But his heart always lied in product designing.

His 9 to 5 job was draining his creativity as well as his interests. He noticed how every company focused more on “deep networking” and “deep thinking” but never on deeper relationships.

Growing up in India, it is hard to talk openly about sex as it is still considered taboo. But seeing that it is one the most populated countries and ranking fifth as the world’s most sexually active countries, there is no doubt how common it is. This was one of the reasons he wanted to build a product that would make lovemaking a pleasurable experience.

India is the country that enlightened the world when it comes to sex and sexual positions by introducing the Kama Sutra and yet sex is somewhat prohibited. And to come up with a product that helps accomplish even half of the 250 positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra is a daunting task.

But with immense research, Gaurav and his team have come up with the LoveRollers that is specially designed to achieve almost every lovemaking goals.

How Are The Beds Designed?

LoveRollers, the beds that make 100 sexual positions possible come in three designs helping you up your sex game. A standard variant, a mini version, and a convertible.

Each of the beds is made keeping all body types in mind and they call the design element the “Curves of Seduction.” And the best thing, with every purchase, you get a lover’s guide to help you nail it (pun intended).

In addition to homes, the team is also trying to sell the idea of the LoveRollers to different hotels encouraging them to incorporate the beds in their rooms, especially the honeymoon suites as well as other businesses like spas. They’ve been successful so far as they’ve received over a 100 bookings just within a month of launch.

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