The Best 5 Inventions At The Mobile World Congress 2018

The Mobile World Congress 2018 was held at Barcelona from February 26 to March 1. This year, they had eight specific themes to match with industries including artificial intelligence, content and media, innovation, the digital consumer, the network, future service providers, industrial revolution and tech in the society. All the creations hovered around these eight themes to advance the existing mobile technology.

1. Henshin Kabuki Mask

The mask uses augmented reality and faces recognition feature to familiarize a person’s face. Then a personalized mask is created after mapping the face. The deformation lamp technology is used in the mask which allows change of expression in projected as 3D when a person puts on the mask.


2. Moto Mods For Motorola Z Phones

Moto Mods can be snapped to the back of Motorola Z phones which have different features. Each Mod has a specific speciality such as a projector, Polaroid photo print, keyboard and ten times optical zoom for the camera. Using mod development kit, one can even develop other customized mods as per their choice.


3. Tangram’s Smart Skipping Rope

The smart skipping rope is LED embedded that shows your fitness data in mid-air as you workout. Tangram Smart Skipping Ropes have sensors which at launch display the jump count on the app as well that is connected to Bluetooth. The software update will allow viewing of calories burnt, training data and other relevant fitness information. It is available in three distinct colours gold, black, and chrome.


4. 3D Selfie Feature By Sony

It is the first time that smartphone has included 3D imaging in the marketing. The feature will allow users to take 3D selfies and even share them on Facebook. The front camera of Sony Xperia XZ2 scans a face, and facial recognition is done through 3D scanner from different angles to create 3D selfie image of people.



5. 5G Robot

Humans will operate the 5G Robot by wearing human control sensors. The use of these robots is aimed for the tasks and jobs which are considered to be dangerous for human beings. The sensors will allow operating the robots to follow human movements as its command.





  1. Hello ! I am interesting in the Henshin Kabuki mask, who is shown on the Mobile World Congress 2018 in Barcelona. Can you help me to contact the producer for this mask. Thank you. Guenter Hertlein

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