Best University Courses in 2018

These college courses have the best career prospects

Degree in Eco-Technology:

Everybody wants a sustainable and an eco-friendly environment hence the best course that not only helps in knowing more about sustainability but also helps in inculcating the ways of sustaining the environment and optimal utilization of natural resources is Eco-technology. The course educates the students with a deeper knowledge about natural resource management and helps in moving society towards a sustainable development. It also provides insight into modern research and development within the field.

Few Universities Providing This Course: Mid Sweden University, The University of Sydney

Agricultural Science

When we think about a career in agriculture people usually have the tendency of associating it solely with farmers and fields and riding a tractor etc. But, since our world has evolved and grown so much over the time and now it is the age of technology, the idea or the concept of agriculture no more is limited to only these phenomena.

Agriculture is now a cutting edge technology which seeks to help solve problems addressing the issues like hunger, health issues and improve the quality of living. It is a big industry and plays a pivotal role in most of the emerging economies of the world. The major four broad areas under agricultural sciences are food science, plant science, soil science and animal science.

Few Universities Providing This Course: The University of Arizona, The University of Nottingham, The University of Melbourne

Graphic Design and Animation

In today’s digital era, animation and graphic design go hand in hand where creativity plays the vital role. Be it movies, television or even website advertisements, the use of graphic designing and animation is something that will not only build or enhance one’s creativity and innovative skills but will also help in visually communicating ideas that inspire, inform and attract people.

The industry of graphic designing is evolving day by day creating a lot of room for people to come in get the opportunities that they deserve. Due to the spurt in the fields of entertainment, technology, video games etc. the choice for graphic designing and animation courses have become a great choice.

Few Universities Providing This Course: Symbiosis Institute of Design- Pune, University of North Texas, Yale University

Marine Biology

The world population has been growing substantially hence the availability of food and other basic needs are seen to be evidently depleting. Consequently, as the population is increasing, people are likely to be more dependent on the ocean for fulfilling their basic needs and wants.  According to researchers, the incorporation of technologies into marine biology will result in ocean being the ultimate source of food, transportation, drinking water and energy. The field of Marine Biology is vast and it encompasses many different specialties and career path.

One of the emerging specializations is Marine Biotechnology research which is applicable in many areas.  A marine biologist can be employed by government and conservation agencies, environmental laboratories, coastal authorities, tourism industry etc.

Few Universities Providing This Course: James Cook University, University of Liverpool, Queen’s University Belfast

Actuarial Science

One of the most demanding career prospects where opportunities are abundant is in the field of actuarial science. Actuarial Science is majorly a study inclined towards mathematics and statistics and is applied in the fields of insurance and finance and deals with calculation of risks and premiums. The course is designed in a way where actuaries assess the financial impact of tomorrow’s uncertain and unplanned events by means of analyzing the past and carving ways for the future.

Moreover, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment rate of actuaries is projected to grow 22% from 2016 to 2026 which is evidently, much faster than the average for all occupations. Not to forget, actuaries often rank high on top paying jobs and even best jobs for women.

Few Universities Providing This Course: University of California, Purdue University, University of Wisconsin

Software Engineering

In today’s world, the use of computers and the pace at which it is growing is commendable; as a result, the jobs related to computers are also growing in its greatest rate. According to the reports from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics by 2024 computer related jobs are expected to grow by more than 17% hence, fresh graduates from software engineering programs can expect good amount of salaries in the  job market in the US and many other parts of the world.

 Few Universities Providing This Course: University of Manchester, Cardiff University, McGill University

Degree in Game Designing

As the game industry is on its peak in the current scenario, the study of game designing is becoming more and more popular. Game designers work on game’s vision and the background of the story, the plot, characters, theme, sound effect etc.  Moreover, the fictional world of games also requires the designers to create the game formula, visual aspect and the difficulty level of the games. So, in order to develop these one’s creative streak needs to be at peak.

There are a lot of scope in gaming as it is now one of the major source of entertainment for all the tech savvy people and even non tech savvy people for that matter. Gaming is in the form of mobile gaming, X-Box, Nintendo and many simulation games.

Few Universities Providing This Course: Uppsala University, Laguna College of Art and Design

Water Resource Engineering and Management

There is a huge hue and cry about water preservation and how this precious natural resource should be preserved and used optimally. The global socio-political need concerning water supply and investment in the water sector has led to the increase in the demand for a well formed degree of water resource engineering.

The course requires researching about the facilities of the water sector and the various nooks addressing the underground water utilization and water treatments. Hence, the course provides a detailed and insightful knowledge about all the facets of water technology and its supplies, stations and measuring quality.

Few Universities Providing This Course: University of Stuttgart, Lund University

Degree in Spacecraft Design

The Degree in Spacecraft Design is a very futuristic course where the study is all about the complex technical systems that work in the uncanny environment of all i.e. space. This degree proves to be insightful in terms of the orientation of spaceships and how it is able to communicate with the surrounding world. Moreover, evaluation of the satellite instruments to the stratosphere, space technology and the functionalities of the on-board computers are all looked into.

Few Universities Providing This Course:  Lulea University of Technology

Degree in Automotive Engineering

With the ever increasing fetish of owning a fancy car or any automobile, the demand for the creators of such machines is increasing heftily. These creators are the automobile engineers. Automobile Engineering is a branch of engineering that majorly deals with designing, manufacturing and operating automobiles. Similarly, the course also deals with the creation and maintenance of automobiles, starting from designing the vehicles to assembling and testing them safely.

The automobile industry is the fastest growing industry which contributes fairly to the national GDP and holds the potential of creating much more advanced machines with some path breaking ideas.

Few Universities Providing This Course:  Chalmers University of Technology, University of Warwick


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