Blackmirror: Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch a part of hit Netflix originals Black Mirror is Netflix’s new interactive story experience.   

In this episode viewers can choose to decide the direction that the narrative is going. This particular episode uses Netflix’s interactive storytelling method. The decisions are being directed by narrative and it may be small as well as big.  

The decisions can be based on what kind of cereal to have for breakfast. But on a serious note some major decision making like deciding which of two characters will jump to their death from a balcony.

As a Blackmirror fanatic I relish this show and I was really excited when this holiday special episode got released. Here are 10 endings that can be found in this interactive story experience:

10. Stefan finds out his entire life has been a massive science experiment (P.A.C.S.). Imagine that!

There is no murder in this episode but this worst ending for poor Stefan. I mean murder is still a terrible thing that happens but imagine finding out your entire life was a psychological study.

The man you thought was your father your whole life was really just a stranger being paid by the government to record you. It is so psychologically catastrophic that there’s no way of being normal after. This ending Thanos type ending snaps Stefan’s entire existence. His mom wasn’t even his mom?! Are you kidding me?

9. Bandersnatch hasn’t released yet and Stefan buries his dad, kills Colin and is even arrested for murder

If you choose to bury Stefan’s crime of killing his father cold blooded then it’s a dark storyline. The neighbor’s dog will eventually dig up the body and poor Stefan goes to prison.

8. Stefan buries his dad, doesn’t kill Colin, and is arrested for murder. Bandersnatch still hasn’t been released. Stefan buries his dad, doesn’t kill Colin but is arrested.

If in the story you let Colin go or if Kitty (his girlfriend) comes to the door, it means Stefan only commits a single murder.

7. Stefan kills his dad. He calls his therapist and is eventually arrested for the murder. Later on it is revealed that Bandersnatch gets 2.5 stars.

In this story at least his game gets released. But isn’t as it isn’t that successful, it’s still the same.

6. Stefan chops up his dad after the murder. Game gets 5/5 stars before Stefan. It’s all good until he is arrested.

In this plot it’s really fun to see that Bandersnatch got five stars. He got what he wanted but at what cost?

Pearl, Colin’s daughter in present timeline is seen reviving the game. It’s good to see that she turned out okay. However, as we viewers had power to control her and destroy her computer, she realizes free will is an illusion all along.

5. You choose Stefan to jump off the balcony. Bandersnatch is still unfinished, disturbing, and weird.

Imagine tripping on acid and jumping off a balcony. It’s a heartbreaking tale. But it’s still better than committing murder which can involve killing your own dad.

4. Stefan goes back in time in his childhood. He gets on the train with his mother and in the present timeline of the story he dies in the therapist’s office.

A perplexing death occurs after ample hallucinations of Stefan. It is very strange and terrible but at least there’s no beheading.

3. Stefan was an actor all along, he just lost track of reality.  

I feel this episode was an optimistic one and the plot isn’t dark. It isn’t psychologically devastating as the P.A.C.S. path. The actor portraying “Stefan” is just as a character of the show, but he got deep into his character.

After the production ends he can stop being the method actor he became and get therapy to come back to the real world. And another fun fact: In the real world, he’s clearly a successful working actor! You remember him from Dunkirk right?

2. Stefan takes his pills from the therapist. Bandersnatch is uninspired and isn’t a famous game like he hopes it to be. But everything is just FINE.

Have you heard of a myth saying medication makes you less creative?  We can accept the fact that maybe Stefan just made a mediocre game, which is okay in my opinion.

But look at all the perks in this storyline. He wasn’t involved in murdering his father with an ashtray and ruining his life going to prison. You can keep making your videogames Stefan but take care of your mental health first!

1. Stefan gets his dream job of working in Tuckersoft. But sadly Bandersnatch only gets 0 stars.

Sometimes games don’t succeed and it’s okay. Stefan got to work at a massive up-and-coming game company. He got to work with a designer person he idolized.  Who cares if your first game wasn’t a success? Stefan is still very young and he can always make another game. He can work with famous people using your creative vision which does not involve killing people.

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