Calorie Count of 10 Common Foods

Our body weight depends on the rule of Calorie In Vs. Calorie Out.

A major concern that bothers the youth of today is food-management. Long-working hours paired with lack of time or skills to prepare their own food has made most of the youth loyal consumers of fast-food. Given that we have incorporated fast and fatty food into our daily eating habits, we cannot deny our role in the mismanagement of our weight.

A higher number of people are suffering from weight gain problems and body insecurities due to excessive weight in recent years. Our body weight depends on the rule of Calorie In Vs. Calorie Out. When we consume more calories than we burn, excess calorie is stored in our bodies as fat and results in weight gain. When we consume less calories than we burn, we lose weight. The key is to balance the number of calories by keeping count of them.

Here are a few food and drink items that have become a part of our daily food routine and might be causing you to gain weight excessively. Their shocking amount of calories calls for us to stop consuming them as soon as possible

  1. Cola: Each 100 gram of cola contains 38 calories. 1 can of 12 fl. Oz has 368 calories and a bottle of 16 fl. Oz has 491 calories.
  2. Hot dog: One serving of hot dog, which is approximately 52 g, contains 151 calories.
  3. Pizza: A slice of pizza from a 14” crust pizza has 285 calories and an entire box of pizza amounts to 2,269 calories.
  4. Rice: A 100 gram bowl of long-grained white rice contains 130 calories. Brown rice has a little less calorie count of 111 calories per 100 gram.
  5. Sugar: One tablespoon of sugar (12.6g) has 48 calories and one serving packet (2.8g) has 11 calories.
  6. Burger: One McDonald’s Big Mac Burger has 563 calories and a McDonald’s Hamburger had 250 calories.
  7. Coffee: Home-brewed coffee has zero calories and instant coffee mix has 7 calories per packet (2g).
  8. Bread: White bread contains 265 calories per 100 grams.
  9. Instant Noodles: A serving of instant noodles contains 188 calories.
  10. Snickers: A bar of snickers (44g) contains 215 calories.
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